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DDoS Attacks Serve as Diversion While Real Hack Takes Place
Hackers are playing smart, and businesses know it. According to the Kaspersky Lab IT Security Risks 2016 report, 56% of organizations surveyed responded that they believed DDoS attacks had been used to divert from an attacker’s true motive.
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Get Your Patch – NTP Critical Exploit Has Been Released
The exploit, released as a POC for the security flaw, enables an attacker to crash a server with a single maliciously crafted packet.
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As if Cyber Risk in IoT Wasn’t Enough… Now We Have Robots
It may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but our increasingly connected world is opening up new areas to cyber risk. Now industry experts are warning about potential vulnerabilities in robot-reliant industries such as manufacturing line operations, retailers, and healthcare. They cite the potential for damage infliction, if robots are operated outside of their specifications.
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