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    About The Position

    Cynet was founded by an elite group of seasoned security entrepreneurs, researchers and SOC practitioners to build a single, autonomous platform centralizing all aspects of breach protection. Cynet couples unmatched prevention, detection and response capabilities with extreme ease of operation, providing protection to all their organizations regardless of their security teams size and prior skill. Cynet is the trusted partner of multitude of organizations worldwide, Small to large enterprise alike, in their journey towards fully automated threat discovery and mitigation. 

    Job Description 

    We are looking for an experienced DevOps engineer that will help our team establish DevOps practices. You will work closely with the technical leads to identify, define and execute the needed for best CI/CD processes. 

    You will establish the configuration management, automate our infrastructure, implement continuous integration, and train the team in DevOps best practices to achieve a continuously deployable system. Furthermore, you will help us build and maintain scalable, efficient cloud infrastructure for our SaaS product line. 


    • Implement and own a fully automated CI/CD process of the entire Cynet product line from development to deployment. 
    • Define, implement and maintain the CI/CD tooling. 
    • Developing scripts for build, deployment, maintenance and related tasks using Jenkins, Groovy, Python, Bash, PowerShell and others as needed. 
    • Implement and maintain monitoring and alerting. 
    • Build and maintain highly available production systems. 
    • Allow the R&D body to be as efficient as possible. 



    • At least 5 Years of experience in the DevOps / CI & CD space. 
    • Strong scripting skills (PowerShell, Bash, Python, Groovy). 
    • Proven Experience in development of CI solutions (e.g. Jenkins, Jobs and Pipelines). 
    • Proven experience working with Project and Issue tracking systems (e.g. TFS, Jira). 
    • Strong Windows and Linux system administration background. 
    • Strong knowledge of Cloud Platforms, AWS or Azure. 
    • Proven experience working with Vmware. 
    • Good troubleshooting skills. 

    Looking forward to having you on board! 

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