Senior Development Team Lead


    About The Position

    Cynet was founded by an elite group of seasoned security entrepreneurs, researchers and SOC practitioners to build a single, autonomous platform centralizing all aspects of breach protection. Cynet couples unmatched prevention, detection and response capabilities with extreme ease of operation, providing protection to all their organizations regardless of their security teams size and prior skill. Cynet is the trusted partner of multitude of organizations worldwide, Small to large enterprise alike, in their journey towards fully automated threat discovery and mitigation.

    Job Description

    We are looking for an experienced Development team leader to take ownership of one of the core components of the Cynet system. Work will include leading a development and QA team from both technical and managerial aspects. The person should be a seasoned manager as well as a highly professional and technical individual leading the team by example (including hands-on work) throughout the entire development life cycle. From design, implementation, testing and delivery.


    · Owning the endpoint security component of the system.

    ·Leading the development and QA team technically implementing the needed requirements and innovating constantly.

    ·Coding mostly in C++ on Windows (user mode and kernel mode), Linux and Mac.

    · Working closely with other teams in the organizations owning different component with integration to the owned component, this includes other development teams as well as research teams.

    · Being part of the R&D management team defining and leading the way forward of the entire R&D.


    ·B.Sc (or above) in computer science (or parallel degree) from a leading university.

    · At least 5 years of experience in team managements.

    · At least 10 years’ experience with C++.

    ·Deep understanding of Windows internals.

    · Prior experience working on cyber security products.

    · A great customer service orientation.

    · A fast learner and independent person.

    Looking forward to having you on board! 

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