Every new Cynet customer gets the ‘CISO KIT’:
an Apple Watch and iPad that run the Cynet Dashboard app.

* CISO Kit entitlement is subject to Cynet terms and conditions

The Power of Insight and Action

With a single glance at their mobile devices, IT Security executives can now
have insight into the threats that target their environments and engage
CyOps - Cynet’s 24/7 security team, to resolve live attacks.

See the Big Picture

Know the overall state of security in your environment – the assets you have and how many open alerts there are.

Get New Alerts in Real-Time

See new alerts as they happen - the event, its type and severity

Onboard CyOps in a Click

New alerts pop up and you suspect they might be related to an ongoing event. With one click, you engage CyOps to start investigating.

Cynet 360 Autonomous Breach Protection Platform

Protect Your Entire Environment with a Single Integrated Interface
Backed by a Top SOC Team

Monitoring & Control

Vulnerability Assessment

Log Collection and Retention

Inventory Management

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

Prevention & Detection

Next-Gen Antivirus

Network Analytics

Endpoint Detection & Response


User Behavior Analytics

Response Orchestration

Pre-set Remediation

Custom Remediation

Automated Playbooks

CyOps Security Services

Threat Intelligence

Threat Hunting

Incident Response

Real-Time Insights and Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Get the CISO Kit