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Prepare for the Coronavirus Cyber Effect ​with Cynet 360

Take the required steps in order to protect your organization from advanced threats including phishing based credential theft and weaponized email cyberattacks that harmfully leverage the Coronavirus crisis.

How does it work?

  • Deploy Cynet 360  in minutes across your entire environment.
  • Get full protection from credential theft through phishing/social engineering as well as malware, exploits, ransomware, and other email-delivered threats​.
  • In addition, get free Cynet licenses for the personal devices of your employees working from home, for 6 months.
  • If you suspect that you are under attack, immediately engage CyOps, Cynet’s MDR team​.

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Cynet 360 Protection

Multilayered protection against advanced threats:

  • Phishing prevention engine
  • Continuous user behavior analysis to detect anomalous remote logins
  • Multi-layered malware protection: Threat intelligence, machine learning, behavioral analysis and memory monitoring

Cynet 360 Deployment

Immediate value with zero effort:

  • Seamless remote deployment in two clicks
  • Rapid installation on thousands of endpoints in minutes
  • Free – protection for quarantined workers personal computers


Experienced team of threat analysts and security researchers with 24\7

  • Forensics
  • Malware analysis
  • Reverse engineering
  • Attack investigation and reporting

The Coronavirus Impact

  • Multiple employees in quarantine, working from home.
  • General climate of uncertainty regarding how to best manage the crisis.
  • Quarantined members of the security team.

The CISO Challenge

  • Attackers massively target employees to gain remote credentials and perform malicious logins.
  • Working from home typically entails using personal devices, vulnerable to email-delivered malware.
  • Downgrade performance and reduces ability to adequately respond to active threats.

Cynet Solution

  • Complete defense against phishing and email delivered malware.
  • Free - Enhanced protection for quarantined employees’ private devices.
  • Free – MDR services to enhance and cover up any gaps within the customer’s security team.

Prepare for the Coronavirus Cyber Effect ​with Cynet 360

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