Cynet combines: Endpoint Detection &

Response > User & Entity Behavior Analytics

Network Analysis > Forensics > Deception.

And more… All in one platform.

Detect and Respond to Advanced Threats

Endpoints. Networks. Files. User Behavior.

The Cynet platform collects indicators on 4 fronts, establishing a baseline and correlating indicators to create a risk ranking. Threats which have gotten through the organizational perimeter are rapidly detected and eliminated. Malware, Ransomware, CryptoLocker…

Welcome to the cyber battlefield – we’ve got your back.

Cynet Audit

Target and neutralize threats with the one- time Cynet Audit. Secure assets, and identify and aggressively neutralize advanced and unknown threats that have skirted the protection perimeter, while committing minimal organizational resources.


Cynet 360

Agentless, all-in- one, Cynet 360 is a comprehensive correlation and response platform which finds the camouflaged threats that have broken through your organizational perimeter.

Cynet Rapid Incident Response

For fast results when your organization is hurting most, Cynet Rapid Incident Response gives you the same all-in-one protection of Cynet 360. Precise, aggressive detection and elimination of threats.

The Cynet Threat Detection and Response Platform
Engineered to Simplify Your Security

Cynet is a comprehensive platform that initiates sophisticated threat analysis, and targets and eliminates unknown threats which have bypassed existing perimeters.

Rapid Deployment

Time is critical when organizational assets are on the line, Cynet’s agentless solution and central dashboard mean you see results in just a few hours.

Sophisticated Analysis

Endpoints, networks, user behavior and files are collected and correlated, honing in with missile-like precision on the anomalies which bypass the perimeter.

Threat Identification

The backing of Cynet’s 24/7 Monitoring team means potential threats are quickly identified and given a risk ranking, catching the unknown threats other solutions miss.


Threats – even the advanced and unknown threats which bypassed your perimeter solutions – are quarantined and aggressively remediated, keeping enterprise assets safe.

You will never be 100% secure.
Cynet has got you covered.

Cynet – Detect and Respond to Unknown Threats

The Platform for Every Industry

Cynet proudly serves customers across a variety of industries including

Critical Infrastructure
Critical Infrastructure

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