Under Attack? We’re Here to Help

24/7 Incident Response with Cynet

Cynet’s 24/7 Incident Response team specializes in time-critical, rapid mobilization, initiating a solution to your security breach within as little as 2-hours of contact.

The Incident Response team works with Cynet 360, a comprehensive platform that quickly and easily integrates into your existing security infrastructure. The module-based, plug-and-play solution enables highly targeted notifications and automatic remediation of threats in networks, files, endpoints and users. Ransomware, Trojans, unsigned malware and other active and latent threats are quickly identified and eradicated.

Cynet 360 provides ongoing alert notification for uncovered threats for up to 3-weeks.

For immediate assistance, call: US 1-(347)-474-0048, International +44-203-290-9051, or complete the form.