Webinar: Cynet – Simplifying Detection & Response

You are invited to register for our webinar, ‘Simplifying Detection & Response.’

In this webinar, we will examine an average day in the life of Jill, a security analyst at ABC Corporation’s SOC. Today, Jill is doing a Proof-of-Value with the Cynet 360 platform. As Jill works through several use case demos, we will see how Cynet:
• Decreases time to detection
• Decreases time to remediation
• Increases the organizational security posture by blocking high-level threats
• Increases the security IT team’s intelligence during all phases of an attack

This webinar is geared toward Information Security Managers, Security Analysts and others responsible for implementing organizational IT security solutions.
*NOTE: Attendees must use a corporate email address to register.


Webinar Registration: Simplifying Detection & Response
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