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Become an MDR Service Provider

Breach protection Platform and Soc team

Cynet 360 Breach Protection Platform coupled with CyOps 247
SOC Team enable any MSP to sell MDR services to its customers

Complete threat detection: endpoint, network and user-based attacks.

247 SOC team of top security researchers and threat analysts

Lightspeed deployment with native multitenancy to easily support multiple customers from a single console

Best of breed alert monitoring, investigations and threat hunting

Cynet 360 Threat Detection

Detect threats across the entire environment

Up and running in minutes with zero deployment and maintenance efforts

Protects against Endpoint, user and network attacks

Each alert delivered with its full activity context

Multiple detection engines correlation for extreme precision


Experienced team of threat analysts and security researchers with 247 availability:

  • Alert monitoring
  • Investigation of validated attacks
  • Proactive threat hunting
  • Detailed threat reports

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Complete Threat Detection

Endpoint attacks

Malicious process execution, abusing of legit admin tools such as Powershell, WMI etc.

User attacks

Credential theft, malicious insider, anomalous login

Network attacks

Scanning, lateral movement, SMB relay, lateral movement, data exfiltration


Decoy nodes and assets to lure advanced attackers into revealing their presence

Reliable & Actionable Alerts

Multilayered correlation engine

High-fidelity validation layer to reduce false positives to minimum

Concise alert display

All critical event data in single screen

Full context of each event

Immediate insight into root cause, scope and impact

Full Environment Visibility

Automated correlation of all activities within the environment

process execution, network traffic and user account logins

Multiple built in search filters

Pinpoint malicious entities and behaviors

Contextual display of each endpoint

With its entire ecosystem of executed files, network communication and logged in users

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