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Cynet 360

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Cynet XDR platfor m provides extended prevention and detection across endpoint, network and user activities, along with fully automated response actions

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Finally. A single, unified platform to prevent, detect, investigate and fully remediate attacks.
Visibility across endpoint, network and user activities, plus the power of deception provides the
broadest and deepest protection against all threats. Cynet XDR is the only solution that triggers an
automated investigation following each endpoint, user, or network alert, fully disclosing its root cause
and scope and applying all the required remediation activities to fully eliminate the threat.

Prevention and Detection

Full visibility across endpoint, network and users, along with deception technology, to detect stealthy (and otherwise undetectable) attacks.

Contextual View

Combine alerts and data into holistic incidents that provide the full context of an attack to support investigation and response actions

Automated Response

Launch response actions that chain various investigation and remediation actions into a single flow that runs automatically when a predefined alert is triggered.

Complete coverage of all attack vectors AND
leveraged Response Automation

Fully automating response workflows across the entire environment,
all backed by a 24/7 MDR service


  • NGAV

  • UBA

  • Deception

  • EDR

  • NTA

Unified prevention and detection across
key Attack points

Cynet XDR provides multiple, integrated prevention
technologies to block standard and advanced attacks across
your environment. The detection power achieved by natively
combining signals and data from multiple sources simply
cannot be matched by siloed, point protection solutions. Even
the most stealth attacks are fully exposed with pinpoint
accuracy by Cynet XDR.

Prevent and detect attacks by natively combining and
coordinating key security controls


Block execution of malware, exploits, fileless, Macros and ransomware


Detect advanced attacks by continuous monitoring of endpoint file and process activities


Monitor network traffic to unveil reconnaissance, credential theft, lateral movement and data exfiltration attempts


Profile the behavior of all user accounts to pinpoint anomalies that indicate an attempted compromise


Plant various types of decoy files across your environment to lure attackers into revealing their presence

visualize and understand threat context

Each alert you now receive is not a discreet event. Each alert is typically one piece of
evidence of a broader attack effort. Trying to see the entire attack by weeding
through a torrent of alerts from multiple sources is overwhelming and nearly
impossible. Cynet XDR eliminates the detection siloes and groups all related alerts to
provide a full view of each attack incident. That way you can see the proverbial forest
through the trees and focus your attention on real threats.


Autonomous Breach Protection

XDR and Response Automation in one platform
backed by 24/7 MDR service

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  • Automated

  • Automated

  • Custom

Fully Eliminate Malicious Activity and Presence

Cynet XDR provides fully automated response tools for cross-environment investigation and remediation. Investigations are fully automated, first determining the root cause and then analyzing the full breadth and impact of the threat. Using pre-built and custom remediation tools, Cynet XDR accelerates and optimizes incident response workflows, equipping security teams with full remediation arsenal without ever needing to shift from the Cynet console.

Pre-built Remediation

Cynet XDR provides a pre-built remediation toolset for each entity type: file, host, network and user. With these pre-built remediation and incident response tools, Cynet accelerates and optimizes incident response workflows, equipping security teams with full remediation arsenal without ever needing to shift from Cynet’s console.

Custom Remediation

Cynet XDR pre-built remediation tools can be combined with user-created scripts that communicate with core environment components such as firewalls and active directory as part of a large-scale response orchestration workflows.


Cynet empowers responders to accelerate their workflows by defining automated response playbooks for various attack scenarios. Any pre-set or custom remediation action can be saved as a playbook either by itself, or chained with other remediation actions. Cynet automated playbooks minimize the need for manual response actions.

24/7 mdr

  • Alert

  • Remote IR

  • Threat

  • Attack

Fully Eliminate Malicious Activity and Presence

Cynet XDR provides fully automated response tools for cross-environment investigation and remediation. Investigations are fully automated, first determining the root cause and then analyzing the full breadth and impact of the threat. Using pre-built and custom remediation tools, Cynet XDR accelerates and optimizes incident response workflows, equipping security teams with full remediation arsenal without ever needing to shift from the Cynet console.


  • Continuously monitor and manage incoming alerts: classify, prioritize and contact the customer upon validation of active threat
  • Tune Cynet XDR alert mechanisms to the customer environment to reduce false positives and increase accuracy (exclusions, whitelists, etc.)
  • Threat Hunting - Proactively search for hidden threats leveraging Cynet investigation tools and over 30 threat intelligence feeds


  • Deep-dive into validated attack fine details to fully understand root cause, scope, dwell time and impact
  • Provide client with updated IOCs
  • On-demand file analysis


  • Full guidance through the entire incident response lifecycle
  • Detailed listing of specific endpoints, files, user and network traffic should be remediated
  • Comprehensive remediation plan and assistance in building automated remediation playbooks

How Cynet XDR Works

Comprehensive threat prevention

Full visibility across environment

Consolidated incident view

Automated root cause, scope and impact analysis

Automated, integrated remediation

24x7 monitoring, guidance and threat hunting

Multitenant architecture

Immediate time to value

“Having Cynet gave us full control – from visibility, to threat protection and into response”
Drew Bjerken
CISO & CPO, Catalina
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The Benefits of Cynet XDR

Cynet XDR provides a holistic platform that unifies multiple control points to coordinate threat prevention, detection
and response. This approach improves detection accuracy while dramatically reducing the complexity and
overhead required for comprehensive threat protection.

Improve Visibility and Accuracy

The Cynet XDR platform provides a broader view of incoming threats by natively combining prevention and detection controls from the meaningful attack vectors. Real alerts are automatically separated from noise. Subtle clues, that may have otherwise gone unnoticed with siloed detection tools, are uncovered. The visibility and intelligence provided by Cynet XDR leads to unprecedented threat detection accuracy. Instead of a barrage of alerts, you’ll focus on validated incidents that provide the full cross-environment context of potential attacks.

Increase Efficiency

Security teams spend far less time chasing after false positive alerts Cynet XDR. Real threats can be automatically remediated with no manual intervention required. Confirmed incidents are either automatically investigated and remediated or accompanied by rich data and context to shorten manual investigation and response actions.

Reduce Costs

Consolidating multiple security products into a single XDR platform provides significant cost savings, both in terms of direct vendor costs and internal support costs. Reducing a large volume of alerts into fewer meaningful incidents along with automating response actions dramatically support costs. With our 24/7 CyOps support provided at no additional cost, the need for expensive MDR support can be eliminated.

Sleep Better at Night!

Perhaps the biggest benefit provided by Cynet XDR, beyond the broad threat protection and response automation, is the inclusion of CyOps 24/7 MDR service. Knowing a team of cybersecurity experts is constantly monitoring your environment for threats, answering question, analyzing suspicious files, and optimizing your protection environment, gives you confidence that your always protected – even while your asleep.

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Questions and Answers

What is XDR?

XDR enables detection and response to security incidents across layers of the IT environment. XDR automatically collects and links together data from multiple sources, which may include endpoints, networks, and users. This helps identify more threats and give analysts the data they need to respond faster and more effectively.

What is EPP and EDR, which are parts of XDR?

Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) are deployed on endpoints and provide advanced malware protection and additional security controls like content filtering and application whitelisting. They are preventive security tools. 

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) enables fast response to security incidents after they are detected on an endpoint. They provide real-time data that can help security teams analyze the incident, and enables them to lockdown, wipe, re-image, or perform other actions on the device to mitigate the threat. EDR is a reactive security tool, which can also include preventative controls.

What is EDR and XDR?

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is focused on protecting endpoints. eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) takes a broader approach, detecting incidents across multiple data sources, including endpoints, network traffic, and other systems. 

XDR provides a holistic view of the IT environment and can identify threats that EDR cannot. It also improves the productivity of security teams by giving them one interface to respond to threats no matter where they occur in the IT environment.

Is XDR better than EPP?

Traditionally, organizations have relied on SIEM, endpoint protection platforms (EPP), and endpoint detection and response (EDR) to respond to security incidents involving endpoints. 

However, as attackers and threat models become more sophisticated, it becomes more complex and labor intensive to detect and respond to attacks, especially when threats extend across security silos. Attackers leverage multiple attack surfaces, including endpoints, networks, cloud systems, email platforms, and more. 

XDR replaces isolated security measures and helps organizations solve network security issues from an integrated perspective. While XDR includes and leverages EPP for endpoint protection, it is better than a standalone EPP solution, because it not only protects endpoints, but also ties in data from other layers of the security environment.

What is XDR used for?

XDR provides proactive threat detection and response across the IT environment. It applies analytics and automation to identify complex attacks that involve networks, cloud resources, compromised user accounts, and endpoints. XDR helps security organizations:

  • Proactively identify evasive and complex threats
  • Track threats originating from any source using one interface
  • Improve productivity of security analysts
  • Reduce time to response and remediation of security incidents

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