Cynet Alert

It’s being called the world’s biggest ransomware operation ever. The back-story is known to anyone even remotely following mainstream news and includes WikiLeaks, an NSA-developed vulnerability called Eternal Blue, a hacking group calling themselves The Shadow Brokers and a demand for $300 in Bitcoin – or else.

WannaCry aka WanaCryptOr 2.0, WCry and WCrypt has made a mark worldwide, and it has businesses that were targeted facing questions like why their systems were left open to a completely preventable attack.

With an estimated 75,000 computers infected in nearly 100 countries and Russia, Taiwan and the UK’s National Health Service hospitals taking significant hits, organizations that were not attacked are watching from the sidelines as they breathe a collective sigh of relief. Those that had not updated their protection are scrambling to implement the free Microsoft patch (MS17-010) issued on March 14 to protect themselves from this fast-spreading ransomware worm.

The Cynet 360 platform identifies and stops WannaCry ransomware. Organizations that have implemented the Cynet 360 platform have not been compromised and are immune from attack, without any need for update or modification – the platform’s behavioral analysis capabilities mitigate all variants of this ransomware.

Regardless of whether you currently use the Cynet 360 platform, we recommend that as part of security best practices all organizations install the MS17-010 patch.