Email Security

Cynet Email Security provides protection for Cloud Email Gateways. It combines a variety of protective capabilities to ensure your users are safe from weaponized attachments and phishing attempts. Combined with Endpoint and User protections, Email protection adds yet another security layer to keep you safe from attacks.

Email Security

Cynet Email Security protects your email accounts and communication from unauthorized access, loss, or compromise.

Attachment scanning
Verify email attachments are not weaponized with dangerous malware, including the ability to always block specific file extensions
URL scanning
Verify embedded links are not connected to phishing or malicious sites, including real-time checking of link targets when opened
Automated response
Automatically remediate email threats and notify the administrator
Prevents the malicious email from arriving to inbox while allowing administrator to review and release directly from the console
Tag external emails
Flag emails that were sent from a domain that doesn’t match the administrator’s domain as external emails
Allowlist, Blocklist
Set specific senders, recipients, email domains, attachment types, or sha256 file types that are either always allowed or always blocked
Policy controls
Intuitive dashboard to set policies, including the option of notifying users of quarantined emails and review all emails that were tagged as malicious for the timeframe selected
Plug-and-Play Integration
Quick and effortless integration due to cloud-native infrastructure

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