Centralized Log Management and XDR

System logs contain a veritable goldmine of transaction and event history for uncovering and investigating security threats. Unfortunately, the time and effort required to mine this data leads to it being underutilized or ignored by most small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Log management

Centralized Log Management

Cynet Centralized Log Management (CLM) automatically collects the highest priority log data needed to quickly and accurately uncover threats across your environment.

Ingests Data
Pertinent logs are pulled into your Cynet data lake, a far more efficient and affordable method than traditional data warehouses and databases. Events and data are collected from network devices and applications, SaaS applications and all Cynet hosts.
Data Transparency
Advanced, targeted data queries pinpoint precursors to cyberattacks. You can visualize the data insights using charts and graphs via an intuitive console.
Uncover IOCs
Analyze logs for Indicators of Compromise (IoC), such as large file transfers that point to data exfiltration and a large quantity of file changes that may identify encryption by ransomware.
Threat Hunting
Search through the combined log data for evidence of compromised endpoints, systems, and data such as anomalous privileged account activity and anomalous outbound traffic.
Forensic Analysis
Cynet CLM provides the intuitive search, analysis, visualization, and reporting tools you need for your forensic analysis.
Regulatory Compliance
Quickly and easily automate reports for FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA, SOX, and PCI DSS, for example, that regulatory bodies require.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Cynet Extended Detection and Response triggers alerts for third party systems connected to Cynet CLM, including:

Seamlessly integrate with endpoint devices, to collect and analyze critical data such as process executions, file modifications, network connections, and system events in real-time.
Network Devices
Ingest data from network devices such as firewalls, routers, and switches, to enable comprehensive monitoring of network traffic, firewall logs, and intrusion detection/ prevention system (IDS/IPS) logs.
Cloud Environments
Monitor user activities, file access events, and configuration changes within cloud environments.
Identity and Access Management (IAM) Systems
Monitor IAM systems, such as Active Directory, for suspicious user authentication events, group membership changes, and administrative actions.
Advanced Correlation
Employ sophisticated correlation techniques to analyze data from multiple sources, enabling the detection of complex attack patterns and potential threats that might otherwise go unnoticed.
Real-time Detection
Through continuous monitoring and real-time alerts, our platform enables organizations to detect security threats as they happen, minimizing the impact of cyber incidents on business operations.

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