Cynet partners with technology providers who share our mission: to empower enterprises worldwide by providing proactive, effective detection and remediation of known and unknown cyber threats.

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Cynet’s rapid install plug-and-play solutions and correlation filtering capabilities provide customers with a scalable platform that finds the threats which other technologies miss.

Partner Benefits

High growth market

Cynet is a market leader and delivers the innovation required to increase market share.

Short sales cycles

POC deployment in under two-hours and quick results translate into impressive, short returns.

Aggressive margins

Partners earn among the highest gross margins in the industry through the sale of professional services associated with Cynet solutions.

Powerful technology

Module-based platform allows customers to quickly, easily address their needs, while evolving the solution along with their requirements.

Longterm revenue stream

An annual subscription model and deal registration program ensure our partners realize a recurring revenue on every deal, every year.

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Channel Program

Cynet works closely with its Channel Partners to build on their expertise, while growing business and addressing new market opportunities. Channel partners benefit from a wide sales, marketing and implementation support network. Cynet’s proven technology, together with the quick go-to-market based on a short POC allows channel partners to create high, sustainable margins while forging lasting customer relationships.

MSSP Program

Partnering with Cynet enables Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to expand services to their existing customers, as well as earn new clients. As Cynet does not offer MSSP services directly we rely on our MSSP partners to support new clients who prefer to leverage the expertise and capabilities of an MSSP. Cynet is quick to deploy, easily integrating into your existing infrastructure, workflow and reporting tools.