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Cynet Vs. Sophos

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Cynet Over Sophos

Greater Protection and Visibility

Cynet 360 protects your entire environment, including users, hosts, files, and networks. Defend against attacks with a powerful EDR and NGAV, and use fully automated incident response tools to mitigate any potential attack.

MDR Support On Demand 24/7

Cynet’s CyOps MDR team is available 24/7 and 365 to support your security team in defending your organization. Our SOC Experts are here to assist with alert monitoring to ensure you can respond properly to every alert, threat hunting, and attack investigation to limit the damage and potential future threats.

Rapid Deployment and Impact

Unlike solutions that require heavy startup costs and resources, Cynet can be deployed to thousands of endpoints in minutes, protecting your organization without the need for extensive training, handholding, and complex transitions.

Endpoint prevention and detection capabilities
Ability to customize security policies for device, network, blacklists, etc.
Malicious network activity detection with behavior-based rules
Deception technology to lure attackers into decoys and traps
Full attack analysis with root cause and scope of attack
24/7 MDR support fully included in license
Automated remediations ready to use out of the box
Compromised user account detection and response
Having Cynet gave us full control – from visibility, to threat
protection and into response.
Drew Bjerken, CISO & CPO, Catalina

The key reasons why to choose Cynet 360 over Sophos

Robust Protection and Greater Visibility of Your Environment icon

Robust Protection and Greater Visibility of Your Environment

Cynet XDR offers full visibility into endpoint, user, and network based threats, in addition to enhanced defenses with deception technology. 

The Cynet 360 platform is a full security solution ready to use out of the box. No hidden fees, no paywalls.

As an EDR, Sophos only sees endpoint threats, primarily relying on traditional and signature-based detection. Additionally, the platform does not offer many solutions out of the box, instead requiring costly upgrades and add-ons.

Alert Management and Risk Assessment  icon

Alert Management and Risk Assessment

Cynet XDR leverages multiple telemetry streams to accurately assess and prioritize threats with a clear, easy to use interface. 

Cynet alerts include risk scores, rich context, and accurate prioritization that make it easy to focus on what’s really important.

Sophos offers a different dashboard for each alert category, with each only showing the five most recent events and little context. This leads to a poorer understanding of the environment status. Additionally, Sophos only offers simplistic alert risk indicators.

Streamlined Operations with Response Automation icon

Streamlined Operations with Response Automation

Cynet provides automated response workflows to relieve overworked security teams that may not have the bandwidth to respond to every threat. 

Cynet provides fully automated remediation actions across files, hosts, users, and networks.

Sophos only offers the basic host remediation actions, and virtually no endpoint remediations. Additionally, resolving issues requires heavy manual input via command line. Sophos’ root cause analysis also offers fairly imprecise results.

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