Cynet 360

One Security Platform for Every Front


Cynet 360 is a detection and response security platform specifically created for today’s multi-faceted cyber-battlefield. It gives your organization a comprehensive tool for finding unknown, camouflaged threats which have gotten through protection perimeters.

Quickly Finds Unknown Threats

Cynet uses a unique approach to detecting threats, correlating and analyzing indicators across files, users, networks and endpoints. Cynet easily integrates into existing security infrastructure, providing organizations with the rapid and flexible ability to respond – neutralizing the unknown threats, anomalies and unsigned malware which have bypassed existing detection solutions.

Detects and Remediates

The solution establishes a risk ranking, allowing it to accurately detect and remediate sophisticated cyber-attacks, with an emphasis on zero-day attacks and malicious code activity from unsigned threats such as Trojans, ransomware, root kits, viruses and worms.

  • 24/7 Monitoring – front line security intelligence ensures low false positives
  • Sandbox –  static / dynamic behavior analysis identifies anomalies and threats
  • Deception – deployment of decoys for users, files and servers.

The Cynet Platform
Make Your Security Simple