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Decided to move on from your NGAV/EDR? A Guide for Small Security Teams to What’s Next

This ebook walks you through 6 steps to help you easily transition to an XDR platform.

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Replacing NGAV EDR-With Autonomous XDR

We interviewed five CISOs with small security teams, to get a better understanding of what had led them to replace […]

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5 Security Lessons for Small Cyber Security Teams for a Post-Covid19 Era

This eBook details 5 security lessons that will help small security teams prepare for the new post-COVID19 work era.

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Dark Side of EDR

If you have a small security team and evaluating an EDR for the first time, or looking to replace your […]

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Buyers Guide for Securing Your Internal Environment

The ultimate checklist to ensure your boutique security team provides comprehensive protection against breaches.

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10 CISOs With Small Security Teams Share Their Must Do’s and Don’ts

How do CISOs with small security teams succeed in their juggling act of defending their company and making the best […]

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Is your EDR providing the best bang for your buck?

Endpoint Detection and Response has provided critical protections to enterprises since its introduction in the early 2010s. A decade later, […]

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XDR – Taking Prevention, Detection and Response To The Next Level

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a new product category that Gartner claimed as the top security and risk trend for […]

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Self-Audit Guide: Cybersecurity Effectiveness for Resource-Constrained Organizations

The Self-Audit Guide, “Cybersecurity Effectiveness for the Resource-Constrained Organization” provides actionable tips to cyber security professionals tasked with the enormous […]

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Re-evaluate Your Breach Protection

Do the security products you have in place provide adequate breach protection, or are they missing against risky cyberattacks?  

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Securing Your Organization’s Network on a Shoestring

Security professionals responsible for protecting their organizations have their work cut out for them. Vulnerabilities and highly motivated attackers translate […]

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