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Allianz Video Case Study

“The holistic approach is the only approach which works.” – Allianz CIO Ralf Schneider.  Watch the video case study:

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BugSec is the largest cybersecurity consulting company in Israel, housing best-of-breed security practitioners that provide MDR, SOC-as-a-Service, Red Team, Blue […]

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As with most healthcare facilities, the Wolfson Medical Center is a prime target for attack. With several thousand endpoints in […]

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The Catalina retail solution application is part of the company’s delivery platform that is connected to the retailer’s in-store POS […]

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Catalina Video Case Study

“The First Time a Vendor Has Lived Up to Their Promises” – Catalina CISO, CPO Dr. Drew Bjerken. Watch the […]

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ICL Group Video Case Study

“Cynet Changed the Way We Do Security” – ICL Group CISO Eyal Asila. Watch the video case study:

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Costa Crociere

With a fleet of ships reliant upon satellite communications, and thousands of guests onboard and online at any given time, Italian […]

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Aldebarán Tecnologías

Cynet reseller Aldebarán Tecnologías knew that two of the major roadblocks many security products faced when considered by potential customers were the long, complicated deployments and the major investment of time and resources necessary to get them up and running. In Cynet, Aldebarán found a solution that made those challenges a non-issue.
Download the Aldebarán Tecnologías case study to learn more. 

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Burckhardt Compression

Organizations around the world struggle to find a single cyber security solution that gives them full coverage for the internal network. Download this case study to see how Burckhardt Compression found the answer in Cynet.

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As threats have evolved and hackers have become more sophisticated, healthcare security professionals realized they needed better tools to secure their organizations. Download the ‘Meuhedet’ Case Study to read how one HMO did this with Cynet.

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East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

Healthcare organizations are a high value target for attackers. Download the ‘East Boston Neighborhood Health Center’ case study to learn how Cynet helps one organization keep their endpoints safe.

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SANS Webinar: The Age of Autonomous Breach Protection

In this webinar, Dave Shackleford, SANS Analyst and CEO of Voodoo Security, discusses the state of modern day threats and how […]

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Webinar: Gain Customers Trust with SOC 2 Controls

Join Rob Black, Founder & Managing Principal at Fractional CISO, and Yiftach Keshet, Director of Product Marketing at Cynet, as […]

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Webinar: Advanced Breach Protection Demystified – Untold Truths on Security Beyond AV

Organizations are seeking protection against the threats that bypass AV and firewall. Most to all of them can afford a […]

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Webinar: XDR – Taking Breach Protection Beyond the Endpoint

Advanced threats are on the rise. What’s the best way to know whether there’s an attacker in your network? Endpoint […]

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Webinar: Mid-Sized Organizations – How to Understand and Proactively Confront the Modern Threat Landscape

Reality shows that cyber attackers consider mid-sized organizations to be worthy targets. Just look at the statistics: fifty-eight percent of […]

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Webinar: WannaCry & Other Ransomware – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Media coverage of the global WannaCry attacks got such large-scale play that for the first time, ransomware was put in […]

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Webinar: Simplifying Detection & Response

IT security departments typically find their teams challenged not only by the threats they protect their organizations against, but by […]

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Webinar: Stopping the Advanced Attack Lifecycle

Keeping an enterprise organization secure means anticipating threats before they happen. In the webinar, “Stopping the Advanced Attack Lifecycle,” Cynet […]

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Webinar: Best Practices for Rapid Incident Response

What do you do when the attack hits? This is the question on everyone’s mind. Best practices continue to evolve […]

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Webinar: The POS Achilles Heel and Best Practices for Retail Business Continuity

The retail industry is a major target for hackers looking for big profit. Fraud and identity theft are booming businesses […]

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Webinar: How Malware Evades Common Prevention Solutions

The continual evolution of cyber threats provides a challenge to accepted security controls and prevention solutions. In this webinar, we […]

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Webinar: Think Like a Hacker, React Like a CISO

Cyber threats and attacks are on the rise. The best way to protect yourself is to understand what the hacker […]

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Webinar: Best Practices for Uncovering Deeply Hidden Threats

The question is not if you will be hacked, but when. Cynet CEO Eyal Gruner discusses how to detect the threats […]

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White Papers

beyond the av for resource page

Advanced Threat Protection Beyond the AV: The Security Gaps No One Will Tell You About in EPP\EDR & Network Analytics

It’s common knowledge that the current threat landscape requires a move beyond AV and firewall. Today’s main approaches are to […]

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the state of denial for resource page

CISO Shares: Actionable Security Practices for Mid-sized Organizations

Mid-sized organizations typically assume that unlike large enterprises, their cyber risk is low, since advanced threat actors wouldn’t bother to […]

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2019 industry report for resource page

2019 Report – Need for Comprehensive Simplicity in Cyber Defense

In December 2018, Cynet commissioned research house Spiceworks to conduct an online survey among IT and security pros from mid-sized […]

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Stopping Ransomware in Healthcare Facilities

The healthcare industry is a prime target for ransomware attacks, due to the fact that organizations frequently pay to release […]

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The Benefits of Consolidation

Corporate security teams and others responsible for protecting the organization from cyber attack have the enormous task of implementing and […]

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The 10 Commandments of Incident Response

What should you do when your organization is hit by a cyber attack? And what are the best practices for […]

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Cynet Security Report – Stopping NotPetya

Everyone is talking about Petya / NotPetya, the ransomware which wreaked havoc across the globe over the last few days. […]

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Top 10 EDR Tips

You’re responsible for thousands of endpoints across the enterprise. Read about the most important things you can do to keep […]

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Stop Ransomware

How do you protect your organization against ransomware? Download the thought leadership pdf, “What You Need to Know About Stopping […]

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