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The Incident Response Plan Template

Download the IR Plan Word Template to quickly build out a new strategy for your organization that accounts for both best practices […]

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The Definitive RFP Template for XDR Protection

Accelerate and optimize the evaluation process of XDR solutions with ready-made RFPs

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CoronaCyber Presentation WP

The Definitive Coronavirus Cyber Security for Management PPTX Template

This PPT template will equip you with the means to gain your management’s mindshare and make them your active partners

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security budget

The Ultimate Security Budget Template

Intuitive actionable excel spreadsheet to monitor your security budget performance providing you with full visibility into and control of your […]

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The Ultimate Security Pros Checklist

The Ultimate Security Pros’ Checklist

Concise and actionable task checklists to help you keep track with your core duties.

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The Ultimate Cybersecurity Job Posting Templates

The Ultimate Cybersecurity Job Posting Templates

Save the time of building cybersecurity job postings from scratch by using ready-made templates.

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The Comprehensive Compliance Guide

The Comprehensive Compliance Guide is the ultimate collection of internal assessment templates, enabling you to reach the compliance standards your […]

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The Defenitive ‘2021 Security Plan’ Presentation Template

The Definitive ‘2021 Security Plan’ Presentation Template provides security decision makers with the tool they need to get management approval […]

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Presentation Template for Incident Response Reporting to Management

The IR Reporting to Management PPT template is the tool every security professional needs to have in-hand when communicating to […]

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The Definitive RFP Templates for EDR/EPP and APT Protection

These RFP templates clearly lay out the requirements for securing potential APT vectors, allowing security decision makers to quickly and […]

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The Definitive ‘Security for Management’ Presentation Template

This PPT template equips you with the means to effectively communicate the security posture to make your management active partners […]

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