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How Cynet Helps You Achieve CMMC Compliance

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Whitepaper Breach Protection for Law Firms

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Whitepaper Breach Protection for Energy

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Whitepaper Breach Protection for Manufacturing

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Whitepaper Breach Protection for Healthcare

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The Essential Guide for Response Automation

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Deception Technology: No Longer Only a Fortune 2000 Solution

A guide on how you can get deception technology without buying it

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Scale or Fail: The Benefits of Multitenant XDR Platform for MSSPs

MSSPs realize that scaling security platforms across a growing client base is fraught with challenges. The overhead involved in monitoring […]

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CYOPS 24/7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service

Learn about the full range of services provided by Cynet’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team – CyOps – which […]

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Cynet Threat Report: Emotet vs Trump

Emotet is one of the the widest spread modular banker data-stealing trojan in the last six years. It aims to […]

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beyond the av for resource page

Advanced Threat Protection Beyond the AV: The Security Gaps No One Will Tell You About in EPP\EDR & Network Analytics

It’s common knowledge that the current threat landscape requires a move beyond AV and firewall. Today’s main approaches are to […]

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the state of denial for resource page

CISO Shares: Actionable Security Practices for Mid-sized Organizations

Mid-sized organizations typically assume that unlike large enterprises, their cyber risk is low, since advanced threat actors wouldn’t bother to […]

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2019 industry report for resource page

2019 Report – Need for Comprehensive Simplicity in Cyber Defense

In December 2018, Cynet commissioned research house Spiceworks to conduct an online survey among IT and security pros from mid-sized […]

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The Benefits of Consolidation

Corporate security teams and others responsible for protecting the organization from cyber attack have the enormous task of implementing and […]

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The 10 Commandments of Incident Response

What should you do when your organization is hit by a cyber attack? And what are the best practices for […]

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Cynet Security Report – Stopping NotPetya

Everyone is talking about Petya / NotPetya, the ransomware which wreaked havoc across the globe over the last few days. […]

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Top 10 EDR Tips

You’re responsible for thousands of endpoints across the enterprise. Read about the most important things you can do to keep […]

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