Cynet for Solution Providers

Offer unparalleled value by partnering with Cynet to deliver a full suite of security capabilities at an attractive price point, through a single, simple platform.

Supercharge Your Solutions Service with Cynet

Differentiate your offering with an all-in-one solution that’s fully automated, natively integrated, and backed by 24/7 SOC support. Through a range of benefits, resources, and systems for support, Cynet makes it easy for partners who create, integrate, or resell solutions to create and capitalize on opportunities to drive rapid growth.

Total Protection

Cynet’s all-in-one solution unifies a full suite of security capabilities that would otherwise require multiple vendors and third-party integrations to deliver.

Go-To-Market Edge

Differentiate solution service offerings with a unique value proposition and competitive upgrade programs.

Prioritize Profit

Enjoy robust product margins and opportunities for additional value-added services.

Attractive Upgrade Programs

Scale your business with Cynet Partner Program benefits such as access to Marketing Development Funds and demand generation support.

Expand Reach

Cynet’s affordability unlocks access segments previously unable to afford comprehensive security coverage.

Expedite Sales Outcomes

Accelerate revenue generation with quick quoting, swift sales cycles, and complete implementation in minutes.

Reinforce Client Relationships

Cynet boosts your clients’ satisfaction, as evidenced by our exceptional Gartner Peer Insights score.

Simplify Compliance

Cynet helps even your most security-challenged customers meet relevant regulatory requirements.

All-in-one advantages for
Solution Provider & Resellers

Complete breach protection

Cynet’s all-in-one solution consolidates end-to-end endpoint, network, and user protection.
Instantly achieve end-to-end visibility across all client environments and activities.
Prevent and detect common and advanced attack vectors.
Automated detection & response reduces manual incident handling by 90% for 50x faster results.

24/7 expert support

Continuous threat hunting across the customer’s environment.
In depth investigation of active attacks and malicious files.
Engaging the customer’s security team upon discovery of live attacks.
Expert advice and guidance for any questions or issues.
Insightful reports on newly discovered threats.

Partner enablement resources

Equip your marketing team with custom collateral, webinars, and case studies.
Arm your salesforce with expert guidance from experience Cynet reps and SEs throughout the entire sales cycle.
Gain technical support across deployment, management, and maintenance.

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What our partners say

Cynet has a better product. You’re going to pay less, get more value. Where do I sign up? 

Dean Leclerc, CTO

Whalley Computer Associates, Inc.

In one year with Cynet, we grew 2.7 times, and we are on track to do exactly the same this year.

Aneth Guerra, Optimus CCO


Cynet picked up the phone and called us on Thanksgiving and said, ‘there’s some lateral movement going on in this network,’ and it really saved us and saved the customer over the holiday. ”

Ralph Blanco, President & CEO


Backed by the industry, loved by customers

Outstanding results in Mitre 2023

  • 100% visibility
  • 100% analytic coverage
  • 100% real-time detection

#2 most loved security product out of 50

  • #1 Rated XDR Solution
  • #1 Rated MDR Service
  • #1 Rated IR Solution
  • #1 Rated in EPP Suites

Recommended by 95%

  • Overall 4.9/5 Rating
  • Product capabiliteis 4.8/5 Rating
  • Ease of deployment 4.8/5 Rating

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