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Cynet lets you put your cybersecurity on autopilot by automating and streamlining your security operations and adding enhanced layers of visibility and protection. It’s not about your team’s size or resources, but about what your organization needs. Instead of buying multiple non-communicative systems, Cynet’s XDR, automated response, and MDR capabilities keep your environment safe 24/7.

Cynet360 gives you:

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    An easy to use, autonomous XDR platform that enables full visibility on your network and every endpoint on it.
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    Automated incident response, investigation, and remediation across your environment.
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    24/7 proactive MDR service (CyOps), that monitors, investigates, and threat-hunts for you, at no additional cost.

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Leonardo Casubolo,

Director of IT Security and Global Infrastructure, Burckhardt Compression

Anytime we had something to say, the Cynet team was there not only to listen, but to take the information we had shared and use it in the effort to improve. This is not something that is par for the course, and many times a product may give you the capabilities you need but remain lacking in customer service. Cynet gave us both."
Corrado Salvemini,

IT Security Manager, Carrefour

The visibility into activity in the network was significantly more than with the other products we tested. We also saw how quickly Cynet detected the malware and how easily we were able to remediate it."
Franco Cerutti,

IT Security & Operation Director, Carnival Maritime, Costa Group

From the beginning, the Cynet team asked the right questions, listening to and understanding our needs. They went out of their way to ensure that the solution they delivered was the right fit for us."