CyOps - The cynet 24/7
managed detection & response team

Cynet customers gain a team of expert threat analysts and security researchers operating a 24/7 Security Operation Center, providing best-of-breed detection and response.

Alert Monitoring

Continuous management of incoming alerts: classify, prioritize and contact the customer upon validation of active threat.

24/7 Availability

Ongoing operations at all times, both proactively and on-demand per the customer’s specific needs.

On-demand File Analysis

Customers can send suspicious files to analysis directly from the Cynet 360 console and get an immediate verdict.

One Click Away

CISOs can engage CyOps with a single click on the Cynet Dashboard App upon suspicion of an active breach.

Remediation Instructions

Conclusion of investigated attacks entails concrete guidance to the customers on which endpoints, files, user and network traffic should be remediated.

Exclusions, Whitelisting and Tuning

Adjusting Cynet 360 alerting mechanisms to the customers’ IT environment to reduce false positives and increase accuracy.

Threat Hunting

Proactive search for hidden threats leveraging Cynet 360 investigation tools and over 30 threat intelligence feeds.

Attack Investigation

Deep-dive into validated attack bits and bytes to gain the full understanding of scope and impact, providing the customer with updated IoCs.

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“Cynet 24\7 CyOps enables us to enhance our security process with external skills…we are always protected”
Eyal Asila CISO, ICL