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Cynet provides world-class security services that add additional layers of protection for our clients. While we are fully confident in our platform, they dynamic nature of cybersecurity means that expert human oversight is also required. Our in-house team of threat analysts and security experts – CyOps – operates around the clock to ensure our client environments are always secure.

CyOps 24×7 Managed Detection and Response

Cynet’s CyOps team operates a 24/7 SOC to help protect all client environments. CyOps continuously monitors and prioritizes alerts, informing customers in real-time of critical security events and guiding them through the response process. Cynet customers can submit files to CyOps for analysis and escalate events that require deeper examination.

Alert Monitoring

Continuous management of incoming alerts: classify, prioritize and contact the customer upon validation of active threats.

Threat Hunting

Proactive search for hidden threats leveraging Cynet’s investigation tools and over 30 threat intelligence feeds.

24/7 Availability

Ongoing operations at all times, both proactively and on demand, per customers’ specific needs.

On-Demand File Analysis

Customers can send suspicious files to analysis directly from the Cynet console and get immediate verdicts.

Instant Access

Clients can engage CyOps with a single click on the Cynet Dashboard App upon any suspicion of an active breach.

Attack Investigation

Deep-dive into validated attack bits and bytes to gain full understanding of scope and impact, providing the customer with updated IoCs.

Exclusions, Whitelisting and Tuning

Adjusting Cynet’s alerting mechanisms to the customers’ IT environment to reduce false positives and increase accuracy.

Remediation Instructions

Conclusion of investigated attacks entails concrete guidance for users regarding which endpoints, files, user and network traffic should be remediated.

Incident Response that Combines Experience and Dedicated Technology

Cynet’s Incident Response (IR) service combines deep security analysis experience together with Cynet360, its world-class proprietary investigative and security technology.

The combination first and foremost means that you achieve the fastest and most accurate results.

Cynet’s proactive 24/7 security team acts as your extended team, leading any required analysis, ensuring that nothing is overlooked and generating the results you need.

IR Setup That’s Fast and Scalable

No need to involve open source or manual tools. Our tech is easy to deploy, allowing for speed and scale across endpoints.

IR That’s Transparent

You get a dedicated IR project manager and point of contact, keeping you in touch at least daily and typically every few hours.

Best of Breed IR Tech

Cynet’s proprietary IR tech means that we look at alerts and information coming from endpoints, users and networks. This gives us the necessary visibility for IR and since everything is automated – to get to it quickly.

Reports That You Need

Ranging from executive summaries to detailed IoCs that can be exported to CSV for consumption by other systems or to manually update systems across the environment.

Security Post-Resolution

At the end of the IR process, you have the option to keep the Cynet platform to secure your systems against future breaches.

Experienced a Breach?

For emergency assistance from our security experts complete the form following the link below. We will respond shortly.

Lighthouse – Credential Theft Monitoring

Cynet’s in-house Lighthouse system monitors and notifies customers if credentials related to their environment are compromised, regardless of whether Cynet is deployed on the compromised system.

Cynet’s Cyber Threat Intelligence team actively monitor underground forums, private groups, and malicious servers for stolen user credentials and assets. Lighthouse findings reports include details of infected hosts, both within and outside of your environment. This intelligence help Cynet’s customers prevent an attack that uses identified credentials and remediate the current compromise.

Quickly discover asset and credential compromises, often before the data can be sold or used by cybercriminals​.

Protect employee credentials, even when not using company protected devices​.

Pinpoint compromised hosts inside and outside your environment to stop breaches in their tracks​.

Results are 100% accurate and actionable with no false positive results​.

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