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How to Ace your Infosec Board Deck

Watch a conversation between Cybersecurity leaders who break down the most effective strategies for communicating security goals, policies, and tactics […]

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Introducing Cynet Centralized Log Management

Watch Cynet Director of Product Marketing George Tubin introduce Cynet Centralized Log Management, the newest module for Cynet 360 to […]

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Introducing Cynet SSPM

Watch Cynet Director of Product Marketing George Tubin introduce Cynet’s new SSPM module to help organizations harden their SaaS security.

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How Lean IT Security Teams can Improve Their Time to Response

Cybersecurity can be described as a marathon for security teams as they spend most of their time building defenses that […]

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How Cyber Attack Groups are Spinning a Larger Ransomware Web

The number of malicious actors and attack groups in the wild seems to be rising exponentially every day and keeping […]

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Deconstructing Cobalt Strike

Cobalt Strike started out as a powerful tool for Adversary Simulations and Red Team operations. Its framework is a robust […]

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The Rabbit Hole of Automation

It’s inevitable, and it’s necessary. The concept of automation is here to stay AND long live it say we all […]

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Understanding The MITRE 2020 ATT&CK Results

The MITRE ATT&CK evaulation is a yearly milestone for the cybersecurity industry, and with the 2020 edition in the books, […]

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Simplify, Then Add Lightness – Why We Need Simplicity to Better Defend Ourselves

Join Cynet’s Chief Security Strategist, Chris Roberts, as he breaks down why the current state of cybersecurity lends itself to […]

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“MITRE Madness”: A Guide to Weathering the Upcoming Vendor Positioning Storm

Join our MITRE Madness pre-release webinar to hear Cynet Chief Security Strategist Chris Roberts and Director of Product Marketing George […]

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Oy Vey, We Hired A Large Hairy Hacker

Don’t worry. He’s tamed. And he’s going to be hanging out with us on a Cynet Live Webinar to talk […]

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How Small Security Teams Can Protect Against Increasingly Advanced Cyber Threats With Limited Resources

Join cybersecurity expert Lisa Forte  and Cynet UK Technical Sales Engineering Lead Anthony Roberts in this live webinar to learn […]

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The Dark Side of EDR. Are You Prepared?

Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPPs) fall short of preventing all cyber-attacks. A common solution is to complement EPP with Endpoint Detection […]

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ESG: XDR and Beyond with Autonomous Breach Protection

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is garnering a lot of attention in the security world.  The new technology promises to […]

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Zerologon Vulnerability: Analysis and Detection

You have likely heard of the Zerologon vulnerability that provides a path for cybercriminals to gain admin access to the […]

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MSSP Shares: How We Conquer and Overcome the Coronavirus Quarantine Challenges to Grow Our Customer Base

The Coronavirus forced quarantine policy pushes more and more organizations to reach out for managed security services, creating immense business […]

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The Coronavirus Impact on The Threat Landscape and How Organizations Should Prepare Themselves

The Coronavirus epidemic enforces strict quarantine policy on many economies. Recent threat data analysis from Italy published by Cynet, reveals […]

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Autonomous Breach Protection: The Next Step In Cybersecurity

Organizations today struggle with manually operating complex and expensive multi-product security stacks. This weakness becomes extremely apparent in the current Coronavirus crisis […]

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SANS Webinar: The Age of Autonomous Breach Protection

In this webinar, Dave Shackleford, SANS Analyst and CEO of Voodoo Security, discusses the state of modern day threats and how […]

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Webinar: Advanced Breach Protection Demystified – Untold Truths on Security Beyond AV

Organizations are seeking protection against the threats that bypass AV and firewall. Most to all of them can afford a […]

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Webinar: XDR – Taking Breach Protection Beyond the Endpoint

Advanced threats are on the rise. What’s the best way to know whether there’s an attacker in your network? Endpoint […]

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Webinar: Mid-Sized Organizations – How to Understand and Proactively Confront the Modern Threat Landscape

Reality shows that cyber attackers consider mid-sized organizations to be worthy targets. Just look at the statistics: fifty-eight percent of […]

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Webinar: WannaCry & Other Ransomware – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Media coverage of the global WannaCry attacks got such large-scale play that for the first time, ransomware was put in […]

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Webinar: Simplifying Detection & Response

IT security departments typically find their teams challenged not only by the threats they protect their organizations against, but by […]

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Webinar: Stopping the Advanced Attack Lifecycle

Keeping an enterprise organization secure means anticipating threats before they happen. In the webinar, “Stopping the Advanced Attack Lifecycle,” Cynet […]

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Webinar: Best Practices for Rapid Incident Response

What do you do when the attack hits? This is the question on everyone’s mind. Best practices continue to evolve […]

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Webinar: The POS Achilles Heel and Best Practices for Retail Business Continuity

The retail industry is a major target for hackers looking for big profit. Fraud and identity theft are booming businesses […]

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Webinar: How Malware Evades Common Prevention Solutions

The continual evolution of cyber threats provides a challenge to accepted security controls and prevention solutions. In this webinar, we […]

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Webinar: Think Like a Hacker, React Like a CISO

Cyber threats and attacks are on the rise. The best way to protect yourself is to understand what the hacker […]

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Webinar: Best Practices for Uncovering Deeply Hidden Threats

The question is not if you will be hacked, but when. Cynet CEO Eyal Gruner discusses how to detect the threats […]

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