Mobile Threat Protection

Providing mobile access to corporate assets has expanded the attack surface for most companies. With an easy download from the app stores, get on-device protection against known and “zero-day” threats on Android, iOS, and ChromeOS platforms wherever they’re located, whether online or offline.

60% of endpoints with access to corporate data are mobile

mobile protection

Mobile Threat Detection (MTD)

Cynet Mobile provides continuous, on-device monitoring to detect known and unknown threats in real-time across the kill chain: device, network, phishing, and app attacks.

Device, Network & Phishing Threat Protection
Prevent and detect mobile threats on devices, networks, and via phishing
On-device Remediation
Automatically remediate detected threats on user devices
Mobile App Risk Detection and Mitigation
Detect and prevent risks from malicious mobile apps
MDM/EMM Integration
Seamlessly integrate with leading Mobile Device Management and Enterprise Mobility Management tools
Hands-free Deployment
Eliminate the need for complicated activation steps by the end-user with simple download and onboarding eliminates need for complicated activation steps by the end-user
Mobile Forensics
See forensics data about threats to specific devices
Policy Management
Set your threat response, privacy and phishing policies
Check device metrics, including which OSes are in use and which ones are displaying risky behaviors or settings

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