Security Automation and Orchestration

Cynet Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) provides an extensive array of capabilities that allow you to automate incident response across your environment. SOAR is built into the Cynet platform so you won’t need to purchase an expensive, complicated third-party SOAR solution. Put your cybersecurity on autopilot with automated investigation and response to address all threats instantly and thoroughly.

Resolve threats 50x faster, reduce manual
incident handling by 90%

Eradicate Attacks Before Damage Is Done
Uncover and resolve all attack components across your environment in seconds – not minutes or hours

Increase Your Team’s Bandwidth
Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks by automating workflows and accelerating threat detection, investigation, and response

Augment Your Team’s Response Skills
Boost your lean security team’s expertise by leveraging automated best practice investigation and response workflows

Reduce Cost and Complexity
Avoid the costly and resource-intensive implementation and support of a complicated 3rd party SOAR solution

Security Automation

Security Automation

Cynet provides the most extensive array of automated capabilities that allow you to orchestrate incident response across your environment and get all the benefits of SOAR.

Automatically determine the root cause and full scope of an attack across your environment. Includes a graphical timeline and layout of attacks, along with the automated investigation and response actions
Eliminate malicious presence and activity across endpoints, networks, users, SaaS applications, and other IT components with the broadest set of remediation actions available from any EDR or XDR provider
Cynet Remediation Playbooks automate comprehensive multi-action responses across your environment for any attack scenario. Leverage prebuilt playbooks or easily create your own customized playbooks with Cynet’s intuitive drag-and-drop Playbook Editor
Investigate alerts, remediate threats, orchestrate, and automate incident response workflows across your environment, all from a single pane of glass
Incorporate third party log data into investigation flows and extend remediation action to third party IT components such as switches, firewalls, active directory, and more

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