Few CISOs can claim to know all there is to know about cybersecurity—their job involves so much more than that. The CISO’s main focus is on managing company information and how to secure that information against external threats is an extended aspect of that management. In order to plug any potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities, many CISOs are now turning to outsourced support provided by Managed Detection Response services, or MDRs.

Managed cybersecurity is a growing industry. This is particular true for smaller companies that may not possess mega cybersecurity budgets. Outsourcing these services makes not only sound fiscal management, it also provides access to cutting-edge security tools that small and medium-sized companies may not be able to afford.

MDRs can manage your company’s security infrastructure, point out weak points on your network, and provide a range of solutions to mitigate any cyberthreats.

Focused on this specific topic, Cynet, a world-leading cybersecurity company has produced a white paper that examines the range of services provided by MDRs. Click here to download the Cynet white paper. As further evidence of the importance of MDRs, Cynet also provides its own MDR service to its clients.

The first level of cybersecurity management is detection. This functionality must be constantly updated, while responding to known and suspicious threats. Monitoring your system for potential and actual security breaches is the cornerstone of a comprehensive cybersecurity system. If you do deploy MDR support, you must ensure that cover is round-the-clock, 365 days a year. Of course, alerts will be generated all the time, so prioritizing their importance is also critical. Should any high-level alerts be triggered on the system, you will want to be informed as soon as they appear. In addition, a full set of comprehensive reports detailing alerts and other vital services must be available.

Any MDR must also be capable of incorporating new threats into its database of cyber alerts. The best MDRs apply stochastic and heuristic machine learning processes to maintain ultimate coverage of any new threats that might damage your company’s cyber integrity. Cynet provides a range of detection tools that provide optimal coverage of your network’s security.

Bespoke reporting and analysis is another vital part of a cybersecurity service provided by an MDR supplier. Cynet provides full technical analysis of any network breach providing its customers with detailed malware analysis.

Following identification, the next steps are response and remediation. Any threats must be mitigated immediately. Registries must be restored, malicious code removed from the network, and any threatening network traffic blocked. All of these activities must be managed by your MDR who must be readily available to provide explanations and assistance on subsequent action.

In addition to alerts, reports, and mitigation, your MDR must also provide your company with cybersecurity market analysis and critical network and industry system updates. They should also possess the skill to implement these updates while keeping any interference to normal business activity to a minimum.

Whether you decide to employ an independent MDR, or select Cynet’s Detection Response service, take a read through the Cynet white paper in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the available services.