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CommsLock Cynet Partnership Empowers Customers with Autonomous Breach Protection Platform

CommsLock Cynet Partnership Empowers Customers with Autonomous Breach Protection Platform

The Cynet and CommsLock union provides CommsLock customers with Cynet 360, the industry’s first
autonomous breach protection platform, putting full control of security processes in the customer’s
hands, via one single solution. Cynet Sensor Fusion technology enables complete automation of
monitoring and control, attack prevention and detection, and response orchestration, taking the burden off
organizational security teams while strengthening their security posture.

December 10th , 2019
Cynet, pioneers of the autonomous breach protection platform and CommsLock, Europe’s leading NSG SolutionTech software company, supplying patent pending workflow, blockchain, & encryption algorithm technology (, today announced the signing of a partnership agreement, to make available Cynet’s Autonomous Breach Protection platform to organizational security teams already stretched thin by the resources demanded to integrate and employ disparate solutions across frequently complex and wide ranging security needs.

The Cynet 360 platform secures organizations of every size, deploying and integrating across thousands of endpoints in hours, and providing all the fundamental capabilities of NGAV, EDR, UBA, Network Analytics and Deception solutions, plus backing through its frontline CyOps, a team made up of SOC experts available 24/7.

“The Cynet 360 Autonomous Breach Protection platform is an excellent fit in our mission to develop ‘best of breed’ services and solutions to cater to a fluid and rapidly evolving threat landscape,” said Graham Penrose, CEO of “Testament to our confidence in Cynet is the fact that we use Cynet 360 Autonomous Breach Protection to protect both the SaaS and OnPremise deployments of our flagship product “CaseLOQ Evidence & Intelligence Collection, Analytics, & Applications.”

With experience in both the offence and defence sides of the threat landscape, CommsLock has honed its ability to meet the specific requirements of each sector with the best solutions on the market. Now, working closely with Cynet, CommsLock provides its customers with a solution tailor made to meet the security needs specific to their organization. With its broad fundamental capabilities, easily navigable interface, fast deployment and integration, and automated remediation and response capabilities, the Cynet platform is a fit for every organization, regardless of size, industry or level of security expertise.

“More than just advanced technologies and their capabilities, it’s the strong working relationship of the Cynet CommsLock teams that truly takes the customer experience to the next level,” said Eyal Gruner, Cynet co founder and president. “Whether it’s the close backing of our onboarding and customer success teams, or the CyOps frontline SOC during critical incidents, this partnership brings an integrated approach to security. With the constant change s of threatscape and the consequent changes to the organization’s security needs security must be more than a security product itself, but actually a solution that is inclusive of the infrastructure and support system for those crucial moments. We are proud to be joined with CommsLock in providing this to their customers.”

About Cynet
Cynet 360 is the world’s first autonomous breach protection platform that consolidates and automates monitoring and control, attack prevention and detection, and response  orchestration across the entire environment. Cynet 360 delivers these capabilities by pioneering the use of Cynet Sensor Fusion™ to continuously collect and analyze all endpoint, user, file and network activities across the protected environment. This makes it the only platform capable of seeing the true context of each activity and radically different from any siloed endpoint or network solution that merely monitors parts of the overall activity, resulting in reduced accuracy and protection scope. Through its complete threat coverage, Cynet 360 eliminates the need of complex multi product security stacks, making robust breach protection within reach for any organization, regardless of its size and security skills.

About CommsLock
CommsLock is Europe’s leading Nation-State-Grade SolutionTech software company, supplying patent-pending workflow, blockchain, & encryption algorithm technology. CommsLock work with organizations & governments to guarantee the veracity, provenance, security, & privacy of what they say, see & hear in both the analog & digital environment providing state-of-the-art defense for national security interests, intellectual property, & commercial activities. The CommsLock flagship product “CaseLOQ – Evidence & Intelligence Collection, Analytics, & Applications” has met with widespread adoption globally. CommsLock also provide Cyber Threat Defence & Counter-Espionage, Offensive and Defensive Cyber & Counter Hostile Cyber Recon, Anti-Corruption Applications, Counter Drug Trafficking & Human Trafficking Apps, Enterprise Secure Communications, Drone Defence & Passive Radar for Bladed Weapons, Firearms & IED Detection, and Public Safety Solutions. Visit:






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