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Cynet Announces Fastest Solution for Advanced Threats on Thousands of Endpoints

Cynet Announces Fastest Solution Available for Detecting and Eliminating
Ransomware and Other Advanced Threats on Tens of Thousands of Endpoints

Cynet 360 V2.7 Employs Agentless Scanning, Comprehensive Correlation, Advanced Intelligence,
Machine Learning and Behavior Analysis of Threat Indicators from Files, Endpoints, Network and Users.


Cynet, pioneers of the all-in-one agentless cybersecurity solution for detection and elimination
of advanced and unknown threats, announced today the release of version 2.7 of Cynet 360.
Cynet 360 V2.7 provides the fastest implementation available to rapidly zero in on acute threats,
including Ransomware, that originate in files, endpoints, networks and at the user level, enabling
immediate remediation and elimination of threats.

It’s a fact of doing business today that enterprises are under constant attack. Despite the
deployment of legions of prevention defenses, hackers, criminals and nation states are easily
bypassing perimeter solutions with Ransomware, unsigned malware, Trojans, stealth bots and
other undesired and dangerous anomalies. According to leading analysts, these threats typically
lie dormant in systems, remaining undetected for days, months or even years, waiting for a date,
an event or a command to trigger their payload.

The latest version of Cynet 360 includes the following capabilities:

  • Unique agentless scanning for detection and elimination of advanced threats including
    unknown malware, memory injection, malicious users and lateral threat movements
  • Instantaneous detection, alert and auto kill of processes of top Ransomware families
    including CryptoWall, TeslaCrypt and Locky to eliminate threats and mitigate damage
  • Comprehensive correlation, advanced intelligence, machine learning and behavior analysis
    of threat indicators from files, endpoints, network and user activities, for rapid detection of
    unknown or unusual patterns of behavior indicating the presence of a threat
  • Deep scan of potentially malicious files enabling monitoring of file activity for advanced
    threat detection and forensics
  • Immediate threat remediation with process auto kill, quarantining or deleting files, disabling
    users, scanning, restarting, disabling NICs, shutting down servers or blocking network traffic

In addition, Cynet continues to expand its Security Operations Center (SOC), which serves as an
extension to enterprise security teams or existing SOCs. Cynet cyber experts assist with
remediation best practices, incident response and ensuring a near zero false/positive ratio.

“In Cynet 360 v2.7, we’ve taken the all-in-one agentless approach even further with significant
advances in threat detection and elimination of today’s most dangerous threats, such as
Ransomware,” said Cynet CEO Eyal Gruner. “We are constantly improving the efficiency of our
comprehensive four layered automated analysis and immediate remediation of threats.”

“Today’s CISOs understand that it is only a matter of time before a hacker will get past their
prevention layer,” added Gruner. “Cynet is ensuring that once the hackers get in, they will be
detected and eliminated before they can do damage.”

Cynet 360 can be installed and scanning initiated on thousands of endpoints in as little as 60
minutes. It requires virtually no IT resources for operation and maintenance. In ongoing
operation, the agentless solution has no impact on data or user privacy, availability or

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