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Natively Automated,
End-To-End XDR Platform
Backed By a Free 24/7 MDR

Get 24/7 monitoring and response regardless of your security team size or resources. Cynet’s MDR service is included in our XDR platform at no additional cost.

XDR Detection & Prevention

The only platform that provides full protection by natively integrating the capabilities of NGAV, EDR, Network Analytics, UBA and Deception

Response Automation

Automated investigation of every threat back to root cause and full scope, followed by automated remediation

24/7 MDR Services

CyOps team of threat analysts and security researchers got your back with 24/7 alert monitoring, threat hunting, incident response guidance and attack investigation

Cynet’s solution is extremely impressive. Built from the ground up, the platform combines multiple technologies into a lightweight package with minimal resource impact. And yet, they were able to keep the product very easy to use.
Drew Bjerken
CISO & CPO, Catalina
One of the biggest values of Cynet is their CyOps team of security experts who are available around the clock, whenever we need them. They enhance and compliant our existing security capabilities and as a CISO, this gives me peace of mind.
Fabio Gianotti
The biggest benefit of Cynet to us is that we know we are protected, and our systems are secure.

David Michel
CIO, Becker
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Cynet 360 Autonomous
Breach Protection Platform
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