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The Next Generation of EDR

Consolidated endpoint,
user and network security

Cynet 360 challenges the limits of legacy EDR and expands advanced prevention, detection and response across the entire environment

Protection from the all endpoint-, network- and user-based attacks.

Fully automated response across the entire attack lifecycle.

Proactive deception security layer of fake nodes and assets.

Best-of-breed 24/7 SOC services.

Cynet 360 vs. Legacy EDR

Protects from the widest set of threats that
manifest in malicious files\processes, network
traffic and user behavior

Protects from attacks that manifest in malicious
files and process only

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Cynet 360 Capabilities

Cynet overcomes the silos of legacy security by integrating all breach protection functionalities in a single native interface.

Monitoring & Control

Vulnerability Assessment

Log Collection and Retention

Inventory Management

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

Prevention & Detection

Next-Gen Antivirus

Network Analytics

Endpoint Detection & Response


User Behavior Analytics

Response Orchestration

Pre-set Remediation

Custom Remediation

Automated Playbooks

CyOps Security Services

Threat Intelligence

Threat Hunting

Incident Response

The Cynet 360 Platform

Cynet EDR is a native part of Cynet 360, the only security platform that protects the entire environment including users, network, files and hosts, by integrating EDR with: