Cynet for Incident Responders & Consultants

Respond at the speed of light

Use Cynet 360 for free to Accelerate and optimize your response workflows with
lightspeed visibility into investigated environments, advanced forensic tools,
automated threat detection and complete set of remediation actions

Automated attack detection

Attack remediation in a single click

60 minutes to full environment visibility

15 minutes to deploy across 5K endpoints

SaaS-based lightspeed distribution covering thousands of endpoints in minutes

Automated threat discovery, radically reducing manual investigation time

The widest available set of remediation actions to remove any type of threat

Partnership Highlights

Full Environment Visibility

  • Gain instant visibility into any host, file and process, Logs, network traffic and user activities.
  • Get verdict, attack scope, and all indicators immediately.
  • Use Cynet central management to distribute other open source IR tools across the environment.

Precise Threat Knowledge

  • Get real-time accurate threat knowledge auto-generated by the Cynet 360 correlation engine.
  • For deep-dive investigation: Leverage granular forensic tools to conduct end-to-end investigation to determine the attack’s scope and impact.
  • Trust your own skills – Proactively hunt for threats using known and local IOCs.

Complete Recovery Actions

  • Isolate infected hosts, disable compromised user accounts, remove malicious files and block risky network connections.
  • Craft your own remediation policies for automated threat block and removal.

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