Cynet for MSP\MSSP

Provide Managed Security Services at Scale

Complete breach protection service with a cost-effective single platform that
converges critical endpoint, user and network security functionalities that otherwise
would require multiple products to deliver.

Lightspeed deployment

Flexible architecture: on-prem, SaaS and hybrid

Cynet top marketing, sales and customer success support

Partnership Highlights

Sell Differentiated Service

  • Single solution that provides end-to-end endpoint, network and user protection.
  • Complete protection lifecycle – monitoring & control, prevention & detection and response orchestration.
  • Included 24/7 CyOps SOC services across the environment.

Reduce cost of delivery

  • Extremely rapid deployment – 5000 endpoints in 1hr.
  • Single platform that fully delivers functionalities of multiple products.
  • Light agent that minimizes maintenance requirements.

Get Cynet Enablement

  • Marketing – tailored collateral, webinars and case studies.
  • Sales – expert sales rep and SEs across the entire sales cycle.
  • Technical support across deployment, management and maintenance.

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