Advanced Threat Protection

Use Case:  Advanced Threat Detection and Protection
The Cynet 360 Advanced Threat Detection and Response platform is powerful weapon in detecting today’s advanced threats such as APT, advanced malware, zero-day attacks, and trojans that easily bypass traditional signature-based security controls.


Uncover Hidden Threats Lurking in Your Organization
Engineered using an adversary-centric approach to detection, Cynet precisely detects threats across the attack chain. Cynet takes the unique approach of thinking like an adversary, detecting indicators and behaviors across endpoints, users, files, and networks to give a complete picture of an attack operation, no matter where an attack may try to slip in.


Precise, Pinpoint Accuracy
With its powerful correlation engine, Cynet presents its attack findings with near-zero false positives and without a lot of noise, simplifying the response for security teams to react to incidents that matter.

Automatic or manual remediation can be done, providing enterprise security teams a powerful yet simple way to detect, disrupt and respond to advanced threats before they can do damage.

The Cynet Platform
Make Your Security Simple