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Cynet User Behavior
Analytics Rules (UBA)

Cynet UBA security layer monitors user behavior to spot and isolate compromised accounts

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Cynet monitors user activity to pinpoint suspicious activity to safeguard against compromised accounts and malicious insiders

Customize baseline user behavior

Use associate information, like role, group, geolocation, working hours and more to define normal behavioral patterns, then automatically detect suspicious activity, such as first-time and off-hour logins.

Get real-time activity context

Cynet continuously correlates user activities against other events — such as endpoints, files and external network locations — to provide holistic information to determine real-time risk levels.

Automate alerts and remediation

Receive alerts whenever Cynet detects suspicious activity. You can also automatically disable compromised accounts or review activity context to take necessary action.

Rapidly identify malicious users

Detect suspicious user activities such as lateral movement, C&C activity, accessing bad domains, etc.

User behavior analytics: common scenarios

Anomalous Login

User is logged in to his laptop and logs in to a sensitive database.

New VPN Connection

User remotely logs in to a file server via VPN for the first time.

Multiple Concurrent Connections

User is logged in to multiple resources within a short timeframe.

Off Hours SAAS Login

User that typically works on an on-prem desktop logs in remotely to the organization’s Dropbox.

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