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Monitoring & Control

Reducing the Attack Surface all Entities and Activities
in the Environment

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The Challenge

Getting integrated visibility to all that takes place in the environment, typically entails manual aggregation of various different log feeds, making this critical need for ITSecurity teams unaddressed.

The Solution

Cynet provides a centralized visibility interface showing all endpoint configurations, installed software, process execution, network traffic and user activity, enabling operators to optimize their asset management and proactively reduce exposed attack surfaces.

Activity Context

View into the asset’s full activity context. For example, in a case of a host: logged on users, executed files and network domains it communicates with cumulative score that reflects all activities that introduce risk to the asset.

Asset Focus

Granular visibility into properties and configurations of each user, host, network domain, network socket and file within the environment with powerful investigative engine to leverage this visibility for cross-environment searches.

Continuous Monitoring & Control

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerable systems and apps expose environments and attack surfaces to exploitation. Maintaining patching routine reduces this exposure depriving attackers from using most to all of known exploits.

Cynet enables its users to easily discover unpatched vulnerabilities as well as prioritize their patching in respect to the risk they introduce.

Log collection and retention

Availability and visibility of system logs are imperative for various security and compliance purposes.

Cynet retains successful & failed logins, software download, password changed and multiple other activities within the environment for unlimited length of time providing unmatched clarity and context into current and historic events.

inventory management

Get instant visibility into the environment’s entities and activities to easily answer common questions such as what endpoints, physical and virtual are on the environment, what software is installed on them, are there any rouge assets in the environment and others.

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

maintaining a ‘known good’ state of files in the environment to alert on unauthorized changes is a required security layer in man environments.
Cynet monitors and detects changes in files for either compliance or threat protection purposes. Any desired file state can be saved as policy, triggering an alert upon inflicted change and delivering the full context of the change to ensure rapid and efficient handling of the event.

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The Cynet 360 Platform

Cynet Monitoring & Control is a native part of Cynet 360, the first Autonomous Breach Protection Platform that utilizes Cynet Sensor Fusion™ to protect the entire environment by delivering the following capabilities: