Cynet 360 for Top UEBA Security

You need to detect insider threats before they cause damage. Your team needs the best User Behavior Analytics solution it can get to keep your network safe from suspicious activity. As one of the market’s leading UBA vendors, Cynet 360 offers top protection, detection and response.

Cynet 360 for Insider Threat Detection

UBA vendors are all fighting for your attention, but few provide the organization with top behavioral analytics software, as well as protection across every single endpoint, throughout the network. Cynet 360 is one of the few UBA solutions which provides full visibility and the ability to easily and effectively launch immediate response.

Cynet for UBA Security: Finds & Eliminates Threats

The Cynet 360 holistic security platform gives a full picture of activity within the organization, providing one of the market’s top UBA solutions to rapidly identify compromised accounts and stop inside attacks.  In addition to UBA / UEBA, the Cynet 360 provides all the capabilities an enterprise needs to protect its assets in one holistic platform.

  • User & Entity Behavior Analytics
  • Network Analytics
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Deception
  • CyOps 24/7 Monitoring
  • And More…

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