Cynet for Incident Responders

Deliver fast, accurate results for clients with Cynet’s all-in-one solution, backed by 24/7 expert support.

Accelerate your incident response
service with Cynet

Differentiate your incident response offering with a unique combination of Cynet’s
all-in-one cybersecurity solution and around-the-clock access to veteran experts in Cynet’s SOC.

Deploy In Minutes

Scale Cynet across as many as 5,000 hosts within minutes to quickly assess your client’s situation and take action.

Reports That You Need

Automatically update your clients with reports ranging from executive summaries to detailed IoCs.

Automatic Remediation

Cynet’s automated incident response reduces manual incident handling by 90% for 50x faster results.

All-in-one advantages for

incident responders

Instant visibility

Establish environment-wide visibility across hosts, files and processes, logs, network traffic, and user activities.
Immediately identify vector, attack scope, and indicators.
Cynet Centralized Log Management provides full Quickly uncover hidden threats with full visibility into your log data.

Precise investigations

Leverage real-time accurate threat intel and automatic correlation by Cynet’s all-in-one solution.
Use granular forensic tools to conduct end-to-end investigations, conclusively determining the attack’s scope and impact.
Proactively hunt for threats using known and local IOCs.

Rapid recovery actions

Automatically isolate infected hosts, disable compromised user accounts, remove malicious files, and block risky network connections.
Tailor automated remediation policies for automated threat blocking and removal, according to your clients’ unique needs.
Use automated response playbooks out-of-the-box or customize your own.

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What our partners say

Cynet has a better product. You’re going to pay less, get more value. Where do I sign up? 

Dean Leclerc, CTO

Whalley Computer Associates, Inc.

In one year with Cynet, we grew 2.7 times, and we are on track to do exactly the same this year.

Aneth Guerra, Optimus CCO


Cynet picked up the phone and called us on Thanksgiving and said, ‘there’s some lateral movement going on in this network,’ and it really saved us and saved the customer over the holiday. ”

Ralph Blanco, President & CEO


Backed by the industry, loved by customers

Outstanding results in Mitre 2023

  • 100% visibility
  • 100% analytic coverage
  • 100% real-time detection

#2 most loved security product out of 50

  • #1 Rated XDR Solution
  • #1 Rated MDR Service
  • #1 Rated IR Solution
  • #1 Rated in EPP Suites

Recommended by 95%

  • Overall 4.9/5 Rating
  • Product capabiliteis 4.8/5 Rating
  • Ease of deployment 4.8/5 Rating

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