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Breach Protection

Cynet 360 provides XDR and Response Automation in one platform backed by 24/7 MDR services


What does it take to have your environment 360° secured?

Total Visibility

Gain insight into every event that takes place in your environment through automated monitoring and correlation.

Consolidated Defense

Get the capabilities of NGAV, EDR, UBA, Network Analytics and Deception in a single, natively integrated platform.

Full Automation

Automate all workflows across the breach protection lifecycle, from proactive monitoring to incident response.

Cynet 360 Capabilities

XDR Prevention and detection

of a myriad of attack vectors, utilizing the capabilities of the following security technologies:


Block execution of malware, exploits, fileless, Macros and ransomware


Detect advanced attacks by continuous monitoring of endpoint file and process activities

Network Analytics

Monitor network traffic to unveil reconnaissance, credential theft, lateral movement and data exfiltration attempts


Profile the behavior of all user accounts to pinpoint anomalies that indicate an attempted compromise


Plant various types of decoy files across your environment to lure attackers into revealing their presence

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Manual and automated

remediations of infected hosts, malicious files, compromised user accounts and attacker-controlled traffic.

Preset Remediations

Remove malicious presence and activity with pre-built actions for hosts, files, users and network.

Custom Remediations

Build your own response workflows by chaining various remediations together and adding scripts to communicate with core components such as firewalls and AD.

Response Playbooks

Automate incident response workflows by using Cynet’s playbooks to resolve security events without the need for human intervention.

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24/7 MDR Services

of leading expert threat analysts and security researchers:

Proactive Threat Hunting

Continuous search through our customers’ environment to detect and address live attacks.

Incident Response

Engage CyOps upon any suspicious activity you see in your environment, to detect, respond and remediate.

Attack Investigation and Reporting

Get reports on attacks that CyOps detects across our customers’ install-base, including IOC and mitigation practices.

File Analysis

Submit any suspicious file to an expert analysis for information regarding its nature and potential risks

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Purpose-Built to Streamline Operations

Seamless deployment, maintenance and management

Immediate Impact

Lightspeed distribution across any environment, providing instant protection.

Matchless Flexibility

On-prem, IaaS, SaaS or hybrid deployment modes, suiting any possible need.

Absolute Simplicity

Built from the ground up to simplify security workflows, empowering teams to become security masters.

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“Having Cynet gave us full control – from visibility, to threat protection and into response.”
Drew Bjerken CISO & CPO, Catalinawatch video