The Cynet 360 platform is the subject of a new analyst review put out by 451 Research, “Cynet aims to consolidate breach-protection efforts in a single platform.”

In this report written by analyst Fernando Montenegro, 451 Research examines Cynet and how it has used a holistic approach to the common challenges facing most organizations today as they struggle to implement security for their assets while also appeasing increasingly stringent security requirements. Cynet’s solution, covering user, file, host and network elements with the goal of building full visibility into an organization’s activity, is then discussed as an option for resource-strapped organizations. “This approach has merits as it may optimize security operations,” the analyst writes.

Taking into consideration the well-known approach of employing multiple point products  in the attempt to cover every potential avenue of breach, and the investment of time, resources, and manual response this requires in the event of identified alerts, the report discusses the logic in Cynet’s consolidated platform. It begins by tracing the company’s founding in 2015, discussing its leadership and funding before delving into its market strategy. Noting an aggregate pool of about 1-million covered endpoints, and clients ranging from SMBs to mid-market firms to enterprises, it then takes a quick look at the company strategy before homing in on the product itself.

With the product, the analyst notes that Cynet’s ultimate goal is focused on reducing the burden customers experience in responding to security threats, both in the area of threat detection and prevention, as well as in architecture options to ensure easy deployment.

Read the full text of the report, Cynet aims to consolidate breach-protection efforts in a single platform.