Our team of 24/7 security experts detected ransomware attacks on a number of our Italian customers today. The attacks, which utilized the well-known WannaCry ransomware, were stopped before they could do damage by spreading to other machines.

Italy has been a hot spot for ransomware attacks. A recent report listed Italy at 4th place with nearly 5% of their users having experienced significant ransomware in 2015. In recent years, Italy has been consistently in the world top 10 for cyber attacks.  Italy’s cybercrime track record has been notoriously poor as 93% of Italian companies has been forced to carry out technical interventions against ransomware and other attacks.  When it comes to ransomware in Italy, 37% of the SMEs who have suffered an attack decided to pay the ransom.

Cynet’s ability to stop ransomware is just one component in the Cynet 360 platform.  Cynet provides Italian organizations real peace-of-mind with its Cynet 360 platform.  The Cynet 360 advanced threat detection and response platform simplifies enterprise security by providing a holistic answer to all the organization’s protection and prevention needs.

Cynet 360’s comprehensive platform translates into reduced security spend. It puts less drain on organizational resources, manpower and budget as managing multiple security solutions is no longer necessary. The Cynet 360 platform correlates indicators across networks, files, users and endpoints, ensuring the highest level of enterprise security by significantly increasing visibility and accuracy of detection throughout the organization. The Cynet 360 platform stops potential threats before they become full-scale attacks and gives organizations the capabilities they need to keep their assets safe.