Managed security service providers (MSSPs) face a constant struggle: balancing comprehensive security for their clients with keeping their own margins healthy. Cynet’s All-in-One Cybersecurity Platform offers a compelling solution to this challenge. By delivering  a full, unified suite of security capabilities purpose-built into a single, simple platform—and backing it with 24/7 MDR support—Cynet empowers MSSPs to maximize their profitability while delivering exceptional protection to their clients.

Reduced Complexity, Increased Efficiency

Traditionally, MSSPs have relied on a patchwork of security solutions from different vendors. This not only increases licensing costs, but also creates management and technical experience headaches. MSSPs using Cynet’s All-in-One Platform can provide a full breach protection service with just one solution. Prevention, detection, investigation, and response are all centralized, minimizing the need for multiple logins and disparate consoles. This translates to significant time savings for security analysts, allowing them to focus on revenue-generating priorities, rather than being bogged down in configuration and maintenance.



Scalable Single-Platform Security

Cynet’s All-in-One Cybersecurity Platform is purpose-built and fully automated to accelerate time-to-value for MSSPs. For every threat alert, Cynet’s Automated Response Playbooks reduce manual handling by 90% for 50 times faster results. This not only frees up valuable analyst time, but also minimizes the risk of human error during remediation. Furthermore, Cynet scales effortlessly across multiple clients, allowing MSSPs to onboard new customers quickly and efficiently without needing to significantly increase their security operations headcount.

Record-Breaking Threat Detection & Visibility

Cynet made history in the most recent MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations. For the first time ever, a vendor delivered 100% Detection and 100% Analytic Coverage — with no configuration changes. This translates to superior threat detection capabilities for MSSPs, ensuring their clients are protected from even the most sophisticated attacks. Combined with on-demand support from CyOps, Cynet’s in-house MDR, MSSPs can offer their customers unparalleled peace of mind.

24/7 Expert Support

Cynet’s All-in-One Cybersecurity Platform is backed by built-in support from CyOps, Cynet’s in-house team of world-class security experts. They help Cynet’s MSSP partners by

continuously monitoring client environments, proactively threat hunting and fielding questions around the clock. If an incident arises, CyOps swings into action as an extension of the MSSP team to expedite investigation and remediation. CyOps compounds the capabilities and savings of Cynet’s All-in-One Platform by enabling MSSP partners to scale their team’s own expertise — without adding costly headcount.

The Bottom Line: Margins Matter

By consolidating tools, automating tasks, and enhancing efficiency, Cynet empowers MSSPs to maximize their margins. Reduced licensing costs, faster onboarding, and minimal analyst intervention all contribute to a more profitable security offering. This allows MSSPs to compete more effectively, win new business, and deliver exceptional value to their clients. In today’s competitive landscape, Cynet stands out as a powerful partner for MSSPs looking to optimize their security services and boost their bottom line. Sign up for a demo and see how Cynet could supercharge protection for your clients and profit for your business.