In their new vendor profile, Cynet: Forging a Solution for Comprehensive, Integrated Security with the Cynet 360 Platform, IDC delves into the Cynet platform, examining the company’s history, and its comprehensive and automated approach to solving the major security issues plaguing many organizations today.

Organizations concerned with protecting their assets invest time, manpower and other resources in the search for the ideal security solution. With the proliferation of options on the market, and the continual evolution of the threat landscape, many choose to deploy multiple solutions, in the attempt to cover every point of potential breach. Data then needs to be analyzed and correlated across multiple security solutions in order to attempt to achieve a ‘full picture,’ before being able to make the right decisions regarding response.

In the report, IDC begins by examining the history of Cynet, including its funding rounds and customer-base, before looking at the Cynet company strategy for approaching organizations in need of meeting these known security challenges.

They discuss how the required investment in resources and manpower, the needed level of expertise to successfully implement and navigate many of today’s market available solutions, and the enormous amount of overhead burned when utilizing multiple products, are all stumbling blocks on the path to true security.

The report also highlights two main points Cynet identifies as root causes which stop organizations from truly being secure: the reliance on multiple siloed products, and the use of manual post-compromise protection (as opposed to automated remediation of threats).

To read the report, including a deep-dive into Cynet’s key differentiators, future outlook and related resources, download the full document here.