Healthcare organizations and the high cost of ransomware

Cyber attacks on healthcare organizations have the potential to carry not only high cost monetarily, but also in human lives. Last week, multiple hospitals in Lincolnshire, the United Kingdom were forced to cancel, reroute and reschedule hundreds of operations, medical procedures and diagnostic testing after a computer virus compromised the National Health Service (NHS) network.

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Post US-election hack, Fancy Bear comes out of hibernation

Russian hackers are at it again, according to Microsoft Corp, which is blaming the group for exploiting a recently revealed Windows vulnerability. This follows the US government’s accusation that the group was behind hacking efforts to undermine the upcoming elections. Microsoft also took a swing at Google, attacking their decision to disclose the vulnerability before a patch was issued. The patch will be out on November 8.

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Mobile banking users under attack via phony Android flash player

A phony Android Flash player has been tricking users into downloading malware aimed at stealing banking credentials. Researchers warn that the malware is quickly spreading globally, and has the ability to interact with 94 different mobile banking apps.

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