As if CISOs didn’t have enough to worry about. Threats and vulnerabilities are constantly evolving. Keeping up is never easy.  Organizations try desperately to cover all the bases, utilizing dozens of vendor solutions, creating a logistical nightmare for IT security teams which need to install and manage these disjointed technologies. Bottom line – this is every CISOs nightmare-in-the-making. Here’s why:

  1. It’s a jumble and every step along the way is a challenge: Making sense of the plethora of security vendors and their offerings is par for the CISO’s day. Is EDR solution A better than EDR solution B? UEBA or UBA? If we already have all these other security vendor solutions, why should I invest in Network Analytics? These are just some of the types of issues a CISO encounters.
  2. Manpower hours go up as more solutions join the family: security IT teams invest hours of their time and other resources, spending them implementing and managing the patchwork of security vendor solutions most organizations use today.
  3. You can’t see the forest for the trees: visibility is nill when you have so much noise. Alerts are coming in from every direction, you have to sift through them to find out what is real. You spend hours analyzing across your various security solutions, trying to make sense.
  4. Compatibility is not just for relationships: Nothing makes a CISO’s job more complicated than vendor solutions which do not integrate with one another. Security IT teams find themselves managing dozens of interfaces and applications. This costs time, resources and money.
  5. Hackers love security gaps – multiple vendor solutions that don’t readily integrate translate into easily exploitable security gaps, the kind hackers love. There is no better way to make your organization vulnerable to attack.

The Cynet 360 platform gives CISOs peace-of-mind through centralization – one unified security solution – allowing team to manage a single vendor product, providing clear visibility into all aspects of enterprise cyber security.  Whether it is EDR, UEBA, Network Analytics, Threat Intelligence, Deception and more – Cynet ensures low false positives and allows security teams to achieve a full view of attack operations over time. Cynet simplifies your security – all in a single platform.