By Yossi Geller

The recent wave of ransomware may be the sparks of a cyber revolution that has security professionals perplexed. Traditional security architects have been indoctrinated into believing that Malware and APT attacks were the doomsday of security posture.  And although the real impact of WannaCry and NonPetya is still to be determined, the noise it has generated is impacting the industry.

So what about ransomware is concerning?  It’s the speed with which present day ransomware is encrypting data that is freaking out the industry.  Today’s ransomware is ridiculously fast.  A quick analysis of the evolution of ransomware indicates significant increase in ransomware encryption speed.

Why does speed matter?  Because dealing with ransomware (once it hits) is a manual deed.  SOC teams need to scan and do manual analysis to understand the vulnerability, variant, which operating systems are impacted, etc.  This is a timely, tedious endeavor.  And the bad guys have become so sophisticated, that they simply modify the code and ship it back out as a an adjusted version which continues to evade detection.

Time diagramTraditional Incident Response is simply not geared to handle the speed of new age ransomware.  The next generation of Incident Response will require auto remediation.  The changing attack landscape requires that companies refer to automated intelligence to help them manage these types of incidents.  And much of this issue is attributed to the new wave of ransomware that is so quick and so malicious, you simply don’t have the time to utilize traditional security.

This is where Cynet comes in – the Cynet 360 advanced threat detection and response platform rapidly deploys across thousands of endpoints and begins analyzing activity and correlating indicators across systems in as little as 2-hours. Networks, users, files and endpoints are rapidly brought into full visibility, without the need to manage multiple cyber security solutions. Real threats are quickly identified and automated remediation rules can be applied in a matter of minutes.

As ransomware and other threats grow in speed and stealth, organizations need a cyber security solution that can keep pace. Cynet 360 helps organizations keep their assets safe in today’s constantly evolving cyber reality.

Yossi Geller is Cynet’s VP of Global Marketing