Rip Refund and Replace with Cynet Security Platform

The Hunt for Advanced Threat Protection

It’s a common flow. You recognize that there are advanced threats out there – hopefully from peers and news and not from first-hand experience – so you go out to add the extra security building block that would secure you from zero-day exploits, self-propagating ransomware, mining botnets and all other members of the rapidly evolving threat landscape. In most to all cases, this new part of your security stack would be an EPP\EDR or a Network Analytics tool.

EDR\EPP and Network Analytics Common Pitfalls

So, you shortlist, test, decide, purchase and deploy, but after a year or so you find that you’re not satisfied with the results. You might appreciate knowing that you’re not alone and your dissatisfaction is common to many of your peers to the ‘advanced security’ journey. Typically buyers’ unhappiness with their EDR\EPP or Network Analytics stems from either of the following buckets:

  • Cost of operation – the security products that cover the advanced spots have a strong focus on detection, i.e. generating alerts on malicious presence or activity. Since products that analyze activity are based on a single dimension only (in the case of EDR, it is files and running processes; in the case of Network Analytics it’s network traffic), they inevitably generate volumes of false positives when attempting to detect threats that are beyond their scope, overrunning the security team alert handling capacity.
  • Fail to deliver promised security value – over 50% of attacks utilize fileless malware, and that includes both advanced threat actors, but also low to mid-level attackers, which take advantage of the enormous speed in which new attack vectors become commoditized and available to purchase. This trend puts advanced security products and especially NGAV (either standalone or part of an EDR offering) prevention capabilities to severe tests.
  • Deployment issues – a large portion of EDR\EPP are infamous for a hard and long deployment process. Based on our experience in the industry, it’s common to find that the rate of actually deployed agents from the overall number of purchased licenses doesn’t surpass 60%, leaving a significant portion of the environment exposed to attacks.

Where Money Talks Security Goes Silent 

However, ditching the product in place is not trivial and of course there is the money issue. After all, if you paid for a three-year license and you are only at the end of the second one, you cannot just ignore the due payment and go shopping for another solution.

From all the possible reasons to not to let go of a security product, this one makes the most economical and least protection sense. This drove us at Cynet to come up with an offering for people out there who are confident enough in the fact that their current EDR\EPP or network analytics is not living up to expectations.

Cynet refund and replacement offer

If you’re unhappy with your security product, now is the time to try Cynet (we have a free trial). If you switch, we’ll refund the duration of your existing contract. Just like that.

This offer applies to organizations that use the following products:

  • Crowdstrike
  • Carbon Black
  • Darktrace
  • Cylance
  • Symantec
  • FireEye Endpoint Protection
  • SentinelOne
  • Cybereason
  • Palo Alto Networks Traps
  • Trend Micro Apex

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