The beep of a ball. The crack of a bat. The roar of the crowd. Sound is what makes this sport special.

It’s summer and beep baseball — a version of America’s national pastime in which the ball emits a beeping tone so players who are blind or visually impaired can compete — is in full swing.

This week the first pitch of the National Beep Baseball Association 2022 World Series will be thrown in Beaumont, Texas — directly in the path of a hurricane. The Houston Hurricanes, to be precise.

Cynet is sponsoring the Houston Hurricanes in the 2022 tournament. For Cynet, the partnership is personal. When Tim Syphers isn’t dinging line drives for the Hurricanes, he swings for the cybersecurity fences as a Cynet Channel Sales Development Representative. Tim is excited about the cross-team collaboration. “Cynet’s role in sponsoring the Hurricanes is not to be understated,” he explains. “It’s critical that we find innovative ways to fundraise and provide ourselves the opportunity to travel across the country to compete in regional tournaments.”

That’s especially important because, for Tim and many of his teammates, beep baseball is more than a game. It is a support system, a source of empowerment, an opportunity to overcome obstacles and uplift.

“After my sudden vision loss at the age of 21, I thought I’d never be active again,” Tim says. “Then I found beep ball. It’s a community. We, the athletes, share a common bond. Although we are playing against each other on the field, we are all playing with the intent to spread awareness and to shatter the idea that there are limitations for blind or visually impaired athletes and members of the community.”

With the support of his beep baseball teammates, Tim regained the confidence to reenter the workforce. What motivates him to be a role model now? “I want firstly to be a power of example for my stepson and newborn child.”

This selfless commitment also informs his approach as a leader at Cynet and a partner to our customers. “I want anyone, no matter their challenge in life, to believe in themselves and believe that they can make an impact with a team.”

By supporting the Houston Hurricanes, Cynet salutes this spirit of resilience. “The opportunity to help one of our team members pursue what he is passionate about personally as well as professionally was too good to pass up,” explains Sahar Yohay Zaarur, Head of HR, North America.

The commitment to breaking down barriers by organizations like the National Beep Baseball Association inspires Cynet to continue to make career opportunities and cybersecurity solutions more accessible.

When the Hurricanes take the field to compete in this week’s World Series, led alongside Tim by former defensive MVP Blake Boudreaux, the Cynet team will be cheering them on.

Go ‘Canes.