The task of the Managed Security Service Provider or MSSP is not an easy one. Their job is to provide cybersecurity to client companies, protecting them from a broad range of cyber intrusion, spam, and identify theft. The primary concern is to protect a company’s personnel, property, and data from malicious forces intent on using the Internet gateway as a means of intrusion. Using a process of multi-tenancy, it is possible to support a large number of vulnerable attack surfaces that can be monitored and protected on one shared ecosystem.

In order to address the multi-tenanted approach to cybersecurity management, Cynet, a world-leading cybersecurity solution provider, has produced a report that details this powerful approach.

Often MSSPs can provide security systems to monitor the levels of cyber protection and manage alerts whenever companies are undergoing cyber-attacks. How, many of those systems are top-heavy and obfuscating, leaving users with a sense of unease as they try to assimilate multiple layers of information. Such an approach takes too much time and ultimately results in higher operational cost. Cynet’s report indicates ways in which MSSPs can streamline their security supervision by amalgamating resources into one system that monitors both management and operational activities simultaneously.

Some of these capabilities include the following:

  • Unified management platform: Management of all customers on the one unified platform reduces reaction time and increases customer access visibility and transparency.
  • Management of individual tenancy levels: Tenancy management is key to accurate and efficient security management. It is possible and advisable to split tenants into sub-tenants and beyond in order to obtain a more granular level of control.
  • Definition of role-based controls: User role definitions are necessary to manage all levels of access permission for each user defined in the system.
  • Remote threat management: The remote control of all platform functionality and data is a critical feature of any multi-tenancy management infrastructure.

Providing MSSP management through a multi-tenancy access platform is the single, most efficient way of supplying a robust cybersecurity defense. This approach is relevant to individual as well as multi-customer cybersecurity management and provides the required level of threat safeguards available. Multi-tenancy reduces the levels of manpower that have traditionally been employed in providing blanket cybersecurity protection while offering the best possible threat management available. Cynet recommends that all MSSPs adopt a multi-tenancy approach for all of their customers’ security requirements.