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Cynet adds Douglas Brockett as Executive Chairman

Accomplished industry veteran to focus on strategy enhancement and revenue acceleration


BOSTON, Mass. – August 31, 2023 – Cynet has appointed Douglas Brockett as Executive Chairman. He will work hand-in-hand with Cynet’s suite of leaders to optimize strategy, develop new revenue streams, and advance company culture.

With a track record of success spanning 30 years in the technology sector, Brockett’s unique expertise will be an asset to Cynet’s ongoing expansion efforts in the U.S. market. Prior to joining Cynet, Brockett drove success in leadership roles at innovative companies including Arcserve, StorageCraft, and SonicWALL.

“I’ve partnered with Douglas for some time now, and his introduction as Executive Chairman is an exciting milestone,” says Cynet Co-founder & CEO Eyal Gruner. “At Cynet, every single team member brings to the table a unique perspective and skillset, and Douglas’s leadership and guidance will be an invaluable asset as we optimize Cynet’s go-to-market strategy. In the role of Executive Chairman, Douglas will be a force multiplier as Cynet scales support for the professionals responsible for safeguarding their organizations from increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats.”

“Cynet’s vision is compelling,” says Brockett, “and the opportunity to deepen my collaboration with Eyal and the team is very exciting to me. The company recognizes that the value of cybersecurity starts with having the best technology to protect your organization from attacks, but it can’t stop there. If your security technology is burdensome to use, people will avoid using it. Complex security stacks that blow up a busy team’s workload with false positives are a liability, just as tools too undependable to support automation can’t be trusted to lighten that load. Cynet delivers unparalleled ease of use, reduced false positives, and autonomous threat prevention so I.T. and security teams can reclaim time for initiatives that drive their business forward, instead of dwelling on security as an all-consuming chore. My goal as Executive Chairman is to advance that positive impact.”


About Cynet

Cynet is a provider of the world’s first autonomous, all-in-one cybersecurity platform — backed 24/7 cybersecurity experts. Cynet’s mission is to make comprehensive security easy and stress-less for any organization. The platform was purpose-built to enable small security teams to achieve comprehensive and effective protection regardless of their resources, team size, or skills. It does this by managing day-to-day security operations so teams can focus on managing security rather than operating it. The 24/7 cybersecurity analyst service provides organizations with monitoring, investigation, on-demand analysis, incident response, and threat hunting. Visit to learn more:



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